Barlow’s Road to Recovery

Barlow, a three-year-old Standard Poodle, recently arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society in a heartbreaking condition. This sweet boy was severely matted from head to toe, causing him immense pain. Matting can also lead to serious health issues, especially for breeds like Barlow’s that need regular grooming.

Our incredible vet team quickly stepped in, gently shaving off Barlow’s matted fur so we could fully assess his condition. As the weight lifted from his coat, we could see his relief! Once we were able to see his body, we discovered Barlow is also missing his back right foot. We believe this was likely a birth defect. Unfortunately, Barlow also contracted kennel cough, a highly contagious respiratory disease. While providing medical treatment for kennel cough, we are also exploring options to enhance his mobility and comfort, ensuring his missing foot doesn’t hinder his ability to live life to the fullest. 

Barlow needs our help to overcome these challenges before he will be ready to find his forever home. We’ll update you on his progress, but in the meantime please consider donating online so we can provide more animals like Barlow with the medication, care and love they desperately need in their most vulnerable moments.

Together, we can make a difference for the animals in our care. 

Barlow Update


Barlow, the sweet 3-year-old Standard Poodle who arrived at KHS severely matted and in pain, is doing much better after his shave. While his respiratory system is still battling kennel cough, his spirit remains unbreakably bright. Thankfully, his missing back foot, that we believe to be a birth defect, isn’t slowing him down.

We’ll continue updating you on Barlow’s progress as he regains his full strength and energy but for now, we’re making sure he gets the tender loving care he needs before finding his furever home. Donate online at kyhumane.org/donate to help KHS continue to provide medical attention, love and peace to every animal like Barlow who comes through our doors. Thank you!

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