Large Dogs Prove That Big Is Beautiful

Are you looking to adopt a canine buddy? Don’t overlook all the wonderful large dogs at the Kentucky Humane Society.  View all our adoptable dogs

Puppies and small adult dogs are adopted very quickly. Many people visit our adoption facilities with their hearts set on a young puppy they can raise, or on a small lap dog they can coddle. In fact, large dogs typically spend twice or three times as long in shelters as their smaller counterparts. Which dogs spend the very longest at our shelters? They are large adult dogs who are “common” breeds and mixes, such as hounds, pit bull terriers and Labradors.

If you’re looking to adopt, please don’t overlook all the big, beautiful dogs at KHS. Big dogs have just as much love to give as their smaller friends. In fact, some big dog advocates say they have even more love to give, given their bigger size!

Why adopt a big dog?

Big dogs are beautiful

Sure, small dogs are nice. But big dogs have charisma, and their very size commands attention and admiration.

Big dogs give bigger kisses

When you’re kissed by a big dog, you know it!

Big dogs can help keep you active

Many large dogs love being outside with their human families. Want a buddy to go walking, jogging, camping or hiking with? Big dogs can probably keep up with you!

Big dogs are more snuggly

Want someone to help keep you warm in the winter? Nothing beats having a big dog to share the couch or bed with!

Big dogs make good play buddies

Got children at home? Small dogs can sometimes react negatively to children’s quick movements and noises or may accidently be injured during play. Big dogs are typically hardier, and many enjoy horseplay with kids. Of course, always talk with a KHS adoption counselor to make sure you are adopting a dog appropriate to your household.

Big dogs are often calmer

Often small dogs can be “yappers” and can demand more attention. While every dog is different, big dogs are often more mellow than smaller dogs.

Big dogs are often easier to potty train

Small dogs often need more potty breaks during the day. Big dogs have bigger organs, so they can usually “hold it” for longer and can be easier to house train.

Big dogs can make you feel safer

While any dog can be a good “watchdog,” by virtue of their size, big dogs can make you feel safer.

Big dogs need you more

Puppies and small adult dogs are adopted very quickly in shelters. If you really want to make a difference, adopt a big dog. You’ll be rewarded with lifelong gratitude from your furry friend.
Need more convincing? Check out all the wonderful dogs we have who are looking for their forever homes.
View all our adoptable dogs

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