Carol Needs Your Help to Heal

Three-month-old Carol came to the Kentucky Humane Society this week in need of our help. This sweet puppy sustained a traumatic break to her front left elbow, and it’s clear that walking and putting weight on the injured leg is a challenge for this poor puppy. After carefully evaluating her, our veterinary team decided amputation is the best way to relieve her suffering and give her the best chance at an active, pain-free life. 

Despite the trauma she’s endured, this adorable girl has quickly stolen all of our hearts. She loves getting affection from our staff and has the cutest personality. We will keep everyone updated on her progress, and if you’d like to help more animals like Carol, please donate in her honor. As a nonprofit, we rely on donations from compassionate supporters like you to help us heal sick and broken animals like Carol in their time of need.

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