Coming Soon! Purrfect Day Cafe with KHS Cats for Adoption

On March 25, the Purrfect Day Cafe had a prelaunch party to announce their plans. Learn more. 

From WDRB 41 Louisville News:  

Plans announced for Louisville’s first ‘Cat Cafe’ in the Highlands

By Joel Schipper, WDRB News

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) — Cat cafes are popping up in major cities all over the world, and they’re turning out to be a huge hit. Now it is Louisville’s turn.

Sunday afternoon a conceptual preview party was held to give patrons a look at what the new Purrfect Day Café will showcase when it opens in Louisville this summer.

“It’s Louisville. It’s unique, it’s an unusual concept but in the Highlands where we are going to have this thing I just think it is really going to be something the entire city really supports,” said “Puurprietor” Chuck Patton, who got the idea of the cafe after a recent visit to Charleston, South Carolina. “The reason why we picked the Highlands is really because of how eclectic it is and it is really, really busy.”

The new two-story cafe will be located near the intersection of Bardstown Road and Speed Avenue.

The cafe will offer wines, coffees, and local beers all while guests hang with the cats and kittens that will temporarily call the cafe home until they’re adopted. The cafe is partnering with the Kentucky Humane Society for the adoptions.

“We are super excited. We think this one location will help us find homes for at least 500 cats a year,” said Kentucky Humane Society’s Andrea Blair. “We can really be a wonderful outlet so we are hoping to not only help cats in Jefferson County but also cats throughout the state.”

Most of the cats can be adopted on the spot without having to go to the shelter to fill out additional paperwork.

The cafe will have an upstairs glass loft that will allow patrons to interact with the cats while not being a burden to others who may have allergies.

“We’re just going to have a lot of events where I feel people will want to enjoy this, and while they are enjoying it they are making an impact and I think that is the bottom line,” Patton said.

The Purrfect Day Café is expected to open in late June or early July.


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