Charming was found with his ears missing and his body covered in bite wounds. But this amazing dog is full of love – and is ready for a home.

When Charming was brought to the Barren River Animal Welfare Association‘s shelter in Glasgow KY by animal control officers in late September, he was in pretty rough shape. 

“On the one side, I don’t know if they had cut his ear off (or) another dog had gotten a hold of it, but he had about a 6 inch by 4 inch gaping wound that you could see his skull,” said Connie Greer, general manager of BRAWA.

The dog was also infested with maggots and was very underweight.

But despite the terrible abuse Charming suffered, he quickly proved to the staff that he was a sweet, loving dog who wanted nothing more than to be loved back. Charming – named by the BRAWA staff because of his wonderful personality – spent four months recovering at the shelter. Over the months, BRAWA staff and volunteers became very close to Charming. They contacted the Kentucky Humane Society in Louisville to see if we could help Charming find a forever home.

20170926 110214 smKHS runs the Sam Swope Pet Retreat, a unique behavioral rehabilitation center for animals who have suffered from neglect, abuse and lack of socialization. Behavior Manager Kat Rooks talked with Connie and reviewed videos of Charming interacting with other dogs. Kat agreed to take Charming in for assessment to see how he would do with people and other animals.

Charming spent two weeks at the Sam Swope Pet Retreat. Kat found that Charming has amazing resiliency.

“In my years of assessing shelter dogs, I have never encountered a dog quite like Charming,” says Kat. “We would expect that given the abuse Charming suffered, he would be fearful of people or other dogs. But Charming loves everyone he meets and is an absolute delight.”

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More about Charming

Want to know more about Charming? Check out his bio, from Charming’s perspective:

Hello world, I’m Charming and I can’t wait to meet you! I had a rough start to life, but now I’m ready to find my forever home.

I was found in a field in Glasgow, Kentucky. I was starving, my body was covered in bite wounds, and my ears had been cut off. I was brought to Barren River Animal Welfare Association, and the kind people there spent 4 months healing my battered body before I came to the Kentucky Humane Society to find my new home.

I can’t believe how many nice people I’ve met on my journey! Everyone I meet gives me treats and pets and tells me how amazing I am. I didn’t know this kind of love in my first life but I am soaking it up now. I get so excited every time I see a new person. My tail starts wagging, my body starts wiggling, even my toes start tapping in a happy dance because I’m just so overjoyed about making a new friend.

I’ve met several dogs along the way as well. So far, I really like them! I enjoy sniffing and saying hello but after a couple minutes I like to go back to what I do best – soaking up love from my human friends. My buddies at KHS think I’d love to keep making new dog friends but I’d be happiest right now in a home without other dogs. I have a lot to figure out about the world and would really love to meet a person who can show me the way.
I’ve met some kids along the way and I think they’re pretty cool! I think I’d really like to live in a home with kids, especially if they give me treats and toys.

The folks here think I’m about 2 years old. They’ve got me all ready for adoption. I’m neutered, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations. My only issue is that I need to be potty trained; I’ve never lived in a house, so that’s new to me! Because I’m special boy, my adoption will be a little special. An adoption counselor will give you all the details. I can’t wait to meet you!

UPDATE: Charming Adopted March 10!

We are thrilled that the Chambers family met Charming and adopted him during the PRAI Beauty Free the Shelters event in March 2018! Charming – renamed Happy because he is always so happy – is now a very beloved and spoiled member of the Chambers family. He attended a Kentucky Humane Society Manners for Life training class with his family and graduated with flying colors! We are thankful for the Chambers family, who adopted this sweetheart, and to PRAI Beauty for their support in helping us find perfect matches for our animals!

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