Ethan & Jeff Receive Community Award

We are incredibly excited to share that EthanAlmighty and his Poppa Jeff received a revered WLKY Bell Award last night! The Bell Awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated the true “Spirit of Louisville” through selfless volunteer efforts and seek to inspire all residents to engage in community service. 

In January 2021, the world met Ethan. Left in the parking lot of the Kentucky Humane Society starving and abandoned, his story quickly spread. Through the valiant efforts of the KHS veterinary team and his now-adopted Poppa, Jeff Callaway, Ethan survived to become a symbol of hope and determination. The duo now works tirelessly to advocate awareness of animal abuse and rescue throughout the country, and donates their time for numerous charities and causes, both locally and nationally. Their message of kindness provides inspiration and healing to everyone they encounter across the world.

Jeff and Ethan, along with 12 other outstanding community members, received 2023 Bell Awards, presented by the WLKY Spirit of Louisville Foundation.

“Jeff and Ethan are a dynamic and remarkable duo! They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for KHS and our special TLC animals,” Alisa Gray, President & CEO of KHS said. “Their message of hope, along with their bond and outreach, inspires millions across the world. We are so honored that Ethan’s and Jeff’s journey started with KHS and continues with our team and his incredible supporters in our community and beyond.” Join us in celebrating the continuous message of hope and awareness that Ethan and Jeff bring to KHS and animal shelters across the nation.

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