Happy Change a Pet’s Life Day!

Today is National Change a Pet’s Life Day! Though pets’ lives are changed every day at the Kentucky Humane Society, we are taking the time to celebrate by sharing ways you can help change a pet’s life! 

  • Adopt: What better way to change a pet’s life than to bring a furry friend into your family forever? Shelters all across our city and nation have pets in their care who are patiently waiting for their adopters to come along. See who is ready to be adopted from KHS!
  • Foster: All shelters need people to temporarily open their homes to animals in need of fostering. KHS’s foster program was created to give animals who have difficulty in the shelter a calm environment where they can grow or heal before being adopted. We are hosting a Foster Open House this Saturday, January 27, at our Sam Swope Pet TLC (241 Steedly Drive) from 11 a.m. to noon if you wish to learn more!
  • Volunteer: The gift of time is a wonderful way to change the lives of shelter pets. There are many different ways to volunteer with KHS, each with different levels of time commitment, training requirements and expectations. Learn how to get involved!
  • Sponsor an Animal: By sponsoring an animal, you help provide them with food, shelter, spay/neuter surgery, and medical and behavioral assistance, before they find a loving home. All you have to do is click on “Sponsor Me!” on any one of KHS’ adoptable pet’s pictures.
  • Donate: Supply/item donations and monetary donations are always needed and appreciated at animal shelters. Items, such as beds, blankets, toys, treats and food go directly to animals in the shelter. Funds support lifesaving medical care, along with food and shelter for homeless pets.

By donating today, you can support lifesaving care for animals like Paige, who recently came to KHS after a Good Samaritan found her wandering the streets emaciated and in desperate need of care. She was brought to our Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center, where our veterinary team evaluated her for injuries and infection. Paige was luckily wound-free but her body score was 3 out of 9, leaving her ribs and spine easily visible. She also tested positive for whipworms, which put her at risk of anemia if left untreated. Our vet team treated Paige with medication to fight off her whipworms and provided plenty of puppy food and water to encourage weight gain. Despite her past, she’s proven to be a sweet and loving dog who simply needs somebody to advocate for her. Thankfully, Paige was brought exactly where she needed to get the care she deserved. Donate in her honor and help us provide life-changing tender loving care to more animals like Paige. Thank you!

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