How Popcorn’s Life Was Changed

When Popcorn arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society’s Willow Hope Farm in 2021, she was pregnant and struggling to survive alone as a free-roaming horse. Our Equine C.A.R.E. team immediately took her under their wing and promised to be there for her no matter how long it took to find her a loving home.

Popcorn blossomed under their excellent care and gave birth to an adorable filly, Caramel, who quickly found a new home. Week after week, year after year, sweet Popcorn waited for a family to call her own. The days stretched on – from 100 days to 500 days. Still Popcorn waited. After 790 days, her patience paid off and an adopter came to Willow Hope Farm and was drawn to Popcorn’s loving spirit. They decided to make her a part of their family! During her long stay at our Willow Hope Farm, KHS’ Equine C.A.R.E. team provided Popcorn with shelter, proper nutrition, training and excellent care, knowing that she would one day get adopted. And thankfully, Popcorn had a family who chose to sponsor her, which offset the cost of care for Popcorn and other horses. No matter the length of stay, KHS will always be here for animals just like Popcorn.

On this Change a Pet’s Life Day, please consider adopting a sweet pet in need or donating to support the work of organizations like KHS who change lives of animals every single day. Thanks to an anonymous supporter, all gifts made today will be matched up to $10,000, changing the lives of so many pets! Please join KHS in caring for cats, dogs and horses on their way to finding loving homes.

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