Because you are a supporter of the Kentucky Humane Society, we wanted you to be among the first to know about a dog we just saved.

Lavender – as we are calling her – was just rescued by the Kentucky Humane Society after our staff found her running in South Louisville. She had horrific wounds caused by an embedded collar. It appears that when she was younger, someone put a collar on her, and never adjusted it as she grew. She also had a tie-out wire wrapped around her neck, so we assume she had lived her life chained up outside.

The collar acted like a vise, and she had two-inch deep infected wounds around the circumference of her neck. If we hadn’t found her, she probably would have died within days or weeks.

Despite the excruciating pain that Lavender suffered for months, she gave a happy tail wag when our staff members—Sara and Jennifer—caught her.

Our veterinary team immediately went to work to save Lavender. We gave her anesthesia so we could remove the collar that was choking her, and carefully cleaned out the wounds before bandaging her neck to keep the area clean.

Lavender’s wounds are very serious, and she will need weeks or more of constant medical care.

Can we count on your to help? Donations in honor of Lavender are gratefully accepted. KHS is a local nonprofit, and we rely on donations to care for needy animals. Your support is the reason why we can rescue animals like Lavender.

Thank you for caring! To follow Lavender’s story, follow us on Facebook. (Warning: the images on Facebook are graphic.)


– Emily Bewley, DVM
Shelter Veterinarian
Kentucky Humane Society

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