Lifeline for Animals

Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since COVID-19 changed our lives. The historic crisis has impacted all of us — including our four-legged friends.

While pandemic restrictions are being lifted and life for many of us is returning to normal, our work here at the Kentucky Humane Society is far from over.

In every corner of Kentucky, we’re seeing animals being abandoned or surrendered, as families lose their jobs and homes. Many families can’t afford food or vet care for their pets. Other animals are being neglected or abused.

This summer, even more animals are suffering. Their lives are on the line.

That’s why I’m asking you to contribute to our Lifeline for Animals Campaign to save Kentucky’s dogs, cats and horses in desperate need.

Summer is the busiest time for us. It’s when rural animal shelters across Kentucky become overcrowded and reach out to KHS for help. Through our Love 120 program — which aims to help companion animals in all 120 counties within the decade — we provide safe transport, spay/neuter surgeries and loving homes to thousands of rural Kentucky animals every year.

For many companion animals, KHS is their only hope.

Please make a gift to our Lifeline for Animals Campaign. You’ll make a lifesaving difference for a dog, cat or horse with no one else to turn to.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons during this challenging year, but perhaps the greatest is the importance of friends and family, two- and four-legged. Our animals are always there when we need comfort. I hope you’ll be there for those whose lives are on the line today.

With gratitude and hope,

Lori Kane Redmon
President & CEO

P.S. This crisis is far from over. Please send your Lifeline for Animals gift today! You can also donate online at and put your gift to work immediately.

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