Love Your Pet Day – Updates on Sweet n’ Low, Bonnie & Evelyn

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day – share a picture of your KHS pet with us on Facebook. Make sure to shower your furry friends with a little extra love today. Our staff at KHS will be giving our shelter pets, like Sweet n’ Low, Evelyn and Bonnie, extra affection too!

Sweet n’ Low continues to recover after the emergency c-section saved her life last week. She labored for hours without progress and unfortunately lost all her puppies in the process. Worst of all, her sloppily cropped ears, unhealed chemical burns and irresponsible breeding lead us to believe Sweet n’ Low was the victim of abuse. 

Our dedicated staff has worked tirelessly to help Sweet n’ Low heal physically and emotionally from her traumatic past. Her cropped ears make communication difficult especially when she is nervous or overwhelmed, and we feared that postpartum hormones and the loss of her babies would cause depression. With no puppies to care for, Sweet n’ Low followed our vet around, unsure of what to do next.  

We have focused on providing Sweet n’ Low with quiet, comforting spaces where she can decompress. Our caregivers whisper encouraging words when she eats and warmly praise her when she greets someone new. We hope this will help Sweet n’ Low understand she is safe and cared from here. Soon, Sweet n’ Low will be ready to enter a foster home to experience what real love and nurturing can be. We are committed to helping this sweet girl learn to trust and love again after the cruelty she endured. 

We could not provide this life-saving care without our compassionate supporters. Please consider contributing to our Tender Loving Care fund to help animals just like Sweet n’ Low get the second chance they deserve. Simply click here to make a donation. Thank you for your generosity and for helping KHS in our mission.

One-year-old Bonnie is healing one day at a time after coming to KHS with a degloved back left foot. She’s been recovering from surgery in a foster home and receiving the love and attention she deserves. This week, Bonnie came to KHS for a check-up and our veterinary team was pleased with her progress. Tissue is slowly forming around the injury sight infection-free, giving us hope that amputation may not be necessary. Bonnie will continue peacefully recovering in her foster home while coming in for weekly check-ups at KHS.

Evelyn also came to KHS last week with a severe case of Demodectic mange (Demodex) that left her skin raw, inflamed and covered in scabs. After treatment at our Sam Swope Pet Treatment and Lifesaving Center, she entered a loving foster home to avoid additional stress. 

Since joining her foster family, Evelyn’s skin has shown improvement. She’s even growing new fur! She receives daily medicated baths and skin oil massages along with medication. Evelyn spends her days lounging with her foster siblings and soaking up extra love at our S.N.I.P. Clinic office, where her foster parent works. We know that Evelyn will be happy and healthy again – all thanks to supporters like you. Click here to provide lifesaving care to more animals like Evelyn! 

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