The Kentucky Humane Society has unveiled a new mission statement, which highlights our commitment to being champions for companion animals and helping create more compassionate communities.

Here it is:

The Kentucky Humane Society is a champion for companion animals. Through leadership, education, and proactive solutions, we are creating more compassionate communities.

Mission statements are used by organizations and companies to help define what their purpose is and to help them keep on track of their goals. We think our new mission statement does a wonderful job summarizing who we are, what we do, and who we impact.

KHS will be retiring our old mission statement, which reads: “KHS advocates the humane treatment of companion animals through leadership and proactive solutions to pet overpopulation, including adoptions, education and spay/neuter efforts.”

Our Board of Directors and leadership team felt that while our former mission statement served us very well for over 10 years, KHS has grown beyond solving pet overpopulation issues. More and more, KHS is focusing efforts on supporting pet owners, so their beloved companions are less likely to be turned in to shelters and so owners can have healthy, happy, lifelong relationships with their pets. Our overall goal is to help create more compassionate communities, which will result in better outcomes and care for companion animals.

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