Parvo Puppy Continues Fighting for His Life

Yesterday, our Parvo puppy’s condition drastically declined, prompting emergency measures. He broke with Pneumonia and had few white blood cells remaining to fight off the secondary infection. Our veterinary team performed an urgent blood transfusion to combat his anemia and worsening immune system. They turned to Jeffurry – a calm, loving six-year-old shelter pup. When Jeffurry arrived at our shelter a few weeks ago, we didn’t know this handsome, snuggly pup would soon become a hero.

Jeffurry sat patiently as our vet staff drew blood, almost as if he knew he was saving the tiny puppy’s life. He is now resting comfortably with staff by his side, getting all the affection and praise he deserves after being so brave. We are relieved the transfusion helped stabilize our tiny fighter overnight. Our team continues to closely monitor his fragile state, hopeful for him, but also knowing he still has a long battle ahead. Please keep holding this puppy close to your hearts. Donations in his honor are gratefully accepted online at kyhumane.org/donate.

We are working on giving this pup a name – many creative suggestions were given on our Facebook and Instagram, making it impossible for us to choose one. We’ve narrowed it down to four options and posted them on our Instagram story. Please join us there to help us name this sweet pup. We’ll announce his name tomorrow at noon on social media. Thank you for your compassion and support during this tragedy. This puppy feels your positive words and is fighting with all his might.

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