Patrick Padgett Named Chair of KHS Board of Directors

Meet KHS’ new Board Chair, Patrick Padgett! It’s been nearly 10 years since KHS featured a pit bull named Henry and touted him as an “ambassadog.” Now, Henry’s companion, Patrick Padgett, is the new Chair of the KHS Board of Directors. And yes, Henry’s still around.

“He’s an old man now, but he’s still referred to as Handsome Henry,” Pat said.

Pat and his wife, Elizabeth, adopted another pit bull named Roxy a few years after Henry, and she has a special connection to KHS. “When we adopted Roxy, there was a young employee who also wanted to adopt her, but let us have her instead.” That young employee was Alisa Gray, who is the President & CEO of KHS. Pat says he and Henry have walked a great deal together over the years, estimating that they’ve traveled the equivalent to California and back, out to California again, and half-way back. Henry doesn’t walk as much as he used to, as his back legs are getting weak and he enjoys long naps. But he is still an ambassadog, even in his old age. “And,” Pat added, “he’s still quite handsome.”

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