KHS Receives PEDIGREE Foundation Grant to Recruit Foster Families for Shelter Dogs

Animal shelters can be very stressful for pets—which is why the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) is delighted to announce it has received a grant from the PEDIGREE Foundation to recruit more families to foster shelter dogs.

“No matter how hard we try, a shelter will never be a home,” says Robin Vincent, KHS Shelter Operations Manager. “And sometimes, the best place for a shelter animal is in a temporary foster home until they are ready for adoption.”

The $7,920 PEDIGREE Foundation grant for “Fast Forward Fostering” allows KHS to invest in staff to grow the number of trained foster families who are interested in helping three critical canine populations:

  • Large dogs: KHS will concentrate on recruiting new foster homes for big dogs, who tend to spend the longest time waiting for foster.
  • Shy, fearful dogs: KHS receives many undersocialized dogs from rural areas of the state; often these dogs blossom once they are in foster homes. KHS will recruit and train families interested in helping dogs become more confident.
  • Nursing dogs with puppies: Almost every week, KHS receives emergency calls from other shelters needing placement for very pregnant dogs or nursing dogs with puppies. Having foster homes ready to take them is critical, as home environments are much healthier for puppies than animal shelters.

“We are so grateful for the support of the PEDIGREE Foundation,” said Vincent. “They are an incredible partner, and over the years have helped us save the lives of hundreds of shelter dogs in Kentucky.”

KHS anticipates that at least 65 dogs will be impacted by this grant.

How to Become a Foster Caregiver

Families who are interested in fostering are encouraged to contact the KHS Foster Department at [email protected] or call 502-366-3355 ext. 4007. Foster caregivers attend an orientation session, after which they are ready to take home an animal. KHS provides food and other basic supplies, and foster families provide a loving home environment. Fostering typically lasts from a few days to a few months, depending on each animals’ circumstances and when the foster family is available. Most KHS foster families work and have other pets at home.

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