The Kentucky Humane Society offers a variety of individual training options to meet your needs. Individual training sessions are a great way to address aggression and reactivity, work around a busy schedule or provide concentrated one-on-one help for more challenging dogs. Our trainers are fully insured and use only positive reinforcement training methods to address a variety of problematic behaviors.

In-Home Training!

A KHS trainer will come to your house to work together with you and your dog to address such issues as aggression or reactivity to humans or other dogs, resource guarding, separation anxiety, basic to advanced obedience and more. Private training sessions are $80 per session with a 10% discount offered on packages of four or more lessons. To find out more or book a private training session, call 502-253-2883 or email [email protected]

In-Office Consultations

Some behavior problems can be addressed through an individual consultation with a trainer at one of the two KHS campuses. In-office consultations are effective for many issues that present outside the home. However, be aware that some behavior problems are more effectively addressed through in-home training. In-office consultations are $55 per session. To find out more or to book an in-office consultation, call 502-253-2883 or email [email protected]

Day Training

Busy schedules sometimes mean that dog training falls by the wayside. If your dog needs help with manners, but you are unable to devote the necessary time to training, day training is a great option. An insured KHS trainer will come to your house while you are at work and train with your dog to address issues such as jumping, puling on the leash, destructive chewing, basic manners and more. Once the training course is completed, your trainer will meet with you to hand over the reins of your newly trained dog and show you how to get the same great responses in the future. Day training is $55 per session with a minimum package of four sessions ($220). A 10% discount is offered for purchase of eight or more sessions. Day Training cannot be used to address aggression towards humans or dogs. To find out more or book a day training session, call 502-253-2883 or email [email protected] 

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