Puppy Found with Muzzle Tied Shut – Now Doing Well

Silas was found with a cable tied around his muzzle. The cable was so tight it had cut into his face.

A Good Samaritan removed the cable and called Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter, which took Silas in. Silas spent 2 weeks receiving antibiotics and love at the shelter.

In early January, Silas came to the Kentucky Humane Society, where our staff continued to care for him for an additional 2 weeks.

Silas’ face is scarred from what he went through, but he is a sweet and silly 8-month-old puppy. He loves to give kisses! We are grateful to all the shelter staff who cared for Silas and taught him that people can be good and kind. 

Check out this heartwarming video of this now-happy pup: 

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