Recent Arrival at KHS!

Evelyn came to KHS from another shelter late last week with a severe case of Demodectic mange (Demodex) – a skin condition that is caused by microscopic mites that embed in a dog’s skin. This poor six-month-old puppy was extremely itchy and uncomfortable, with her pink skin scratched raw and covered in scabs. Despite her condition, she loves human affection and made fast friends with our team.

Our veterinary team is treating this sweet girl with topical and oral medication to help ease her discomfort and jump-start her healing while also preventing potential infection. Evelyn has a long road to healing ahead of her, and has entered a loving foster home where she’ll be able to recover without the added stress of shelter life. We will be sure to keep you updated on her progress, but in the meantime consider donating online at kyhumane.org/donate. Your gift will help provide tender loving care to animals like Evelyn when they come to us in their time of need. Thank you for your compassionate support!

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