Senior Chihuahua in Critical Condition

Support Senior Pets like Carl

Our veterinary team is caring for a senior Chihuahua who came to our Sam Swope Pet Treatment & Lifesaving Center shivering in a tote bag. This tiny dog, who we’ve named Carl, was rescued by a Good Samaritan who found him running along the streets in the rain and knew he desperately needed help. Poor Carl has no fur, and his skin is red, scabby and painfully irritated from exposure to the elements. His skin is riddled with infection and to make matters worse, Carl has multiple broken teeth causing him pain. With an extremely elevated heart rate and difficulty breathing, we knew time was of the essence for sweet Carl.

Our vet team immediately treated Carl with antibiotics and pain medication. Once his condition stabilizes, we will perform bloodwork, x-rays and skin tests to determine what’s causing him so much pain. Because of our concerns regarding his breathing and heart rate, Carl will go home with a dedicated staff member every night to receive round-the-clock care. As we continue caring for this sweet senior, please donate in Carl’s honor so we can be here for every vulnerable animal who has nowhere else to turn.

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