Seven Abandoned Siblings Need Your Help

Seven puppies arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society in a plastic container last week when employees of a local auto parts shop found them scared and alone in their parking lot. Our hearts broke knowing someone left these two-month-old babies to fend for themselves.

Upon their arrival at our Sam Swope Pet Treatment & Lifesaving Center, these sweet siblings – who we’ve named Hub Cap, Alternator, Axel, O’Reilly, Brake Pad, Windshield and Carburetor – received much-needed medical attention, nutrition and love from our team. Thanks to supporters like you, these puppies have a safe, comfortable place to stay as they recover. Please donate in their honor to support lifesaving care for more animals just like them. Thanks to a generous donor, every gift made before April 15 with double, up to $12,000. Your gift today will help twice as many animals in need!

Bubble Gum & Puppies Update

Last week we introduced you to Bubble Gum and her seven newborn puppies after they arrived at KHS in desperate need of our help. The poor mama had a body score of 2 out of 9 and her malnourishment, combined with a severe upper respiratory infection, made it difficult for her to properly care for her babies.

Bubble Gum and her babies returned from their foster home for a check up with our veterinary team and they were thrilled to see that she’s gained seven pounds since she first arrived! Bubble Gum and her puppies – Fruit Stripe, Hubba Bubba, Double Bubble, Orbit, Trident, Juicy Fruit and Chiclet – will stay in their foster home for a few more weeks while they gain weight and heal emotionally from their tragic beginning. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts, and donate to support lifesaving care for more vulnerable animals in our community. 

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