Tatum’s Road to Recovery

Little Tatum came to KHS with horrific injuries after being hit by a car. His tail was completely degloved, leaving raw tissue exposed and vulnerable to deadly infections. Without immediate treatment, his short two-year-old life would be at stake. Our vet team performed an emergency tail amputation surgery, but fear Tatum may be suffering from further injuries. They will take x-rays tomorrow to determine the plan of care moving forward, but for now this poor kitty is getting the rest he deserves. 

We will keep you updated on Tatum’s condition, but in the meantime please donate to support emergency medical care to animals like Tatum in their time of need. There’s never been a better time to give. The Kentucky Humane Society is currently in the middle of our Spring Fund Drive. Thanks to a generous donor, every gift made to KHS before April 15 will be doubled, dollar for dollar, up to $12,000! By donating today, you’ll save TWICE as many animals in need.

German Shepherd Puppy Update

We are very happy to share that the six German Shepherd puppies who came to KHS last week have been recovering well in their foster home. While we are still grieving the loss of Finley, we are overjoyed to see his siblings thriving. Their journey has been an uphill battle, but through dedicated medical care, time and an abundance of love, these resilient puppies have emerged Coccidia-free! 

With that being said, these sweet siblings will be available for adoption any day now. Keep an eye out for Hayden, Lennox, Blythe, Ari, Arden and Rowan on our website!

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