Purrfect Toys for Cats

Toys and the Importance of Play

What is so special about giving your cat a toy? Cats are amazing creatures who can leap and jump from just about anywhere, landing on all fours. Just because your cat isn’t out in the wild doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have that instinct to catch prey. Giving your cat a toy is a good way for her to get out all that energy as well as pretend to catch prey. Toys are a good way to interact with your cat. It keeps her moving, making her more healthy and happy.

Not interested in spending money on cat toys? No worries. Cats love to play with nearly anything that is light enough for them to paw at and “flick” so that they can chase it. Some cats even enjoy playing fetch.

  • Some items you can find around the house to use as cat toys are:
  • Paper bags: remove the handles so your cat’s legs don’t get caught. You wouldn’t want a giant bag chasing after you!
  • Crumpled paper: Your cat may flick at it and might even play fetch if you throw it.
  • Toilet paper or paper towel rolls: partially unravel an end so your cat has something to bat at.
  • Ping Pong balls
  • Cardboard boxes: most cats love to jump inside and play.

Those are just some examples of homemade toys. You can always buy cat toys at local Feeders Supply stores too. Some great buys include:

  • Balls with or without bells
  • Toy mice that you can fill with catnip
  • Fishing rod toys: your cat can bat at it while you move it around.

Another great toy for cats is a laser pointer. Cats will chase the light up walls and across the floor. Just remember never to point the laser at your cat’s eyes because it could cause damage to her sight. After finishing a game of laser pointer, give your cat a toy so she thinks she has caught what she had been chasing.

When giving your cat toys, don’t give them all to your cat at once. If your cat has all of her toys to play with all the time, she may become uninterested in the toys and no longer find enjoyment in playing with them. Give her three or four at a time, rotating them out over the course of the week to keep the play experience new and interesting.

Safety First

Finally, please remember there are things that are unsafe for your cat to play with. For example:

  • Paper clips or similar small objects
  • Rubber bands
  • String or yarn
  • Plastic bags – only use paper

Toy time can help keep your cat healthy and happy and can also strengthen the bond between you and your cat. Playtime builds on the relationship you have created with your cat and makes both you and the cat happier.

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