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Surgery Saves Puppy’s Shattered Leg

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It was a miracle that TruBlue survived.

At just three months old, the pit bull terrier puppy was brought to the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) in September after he was hit by a bus.

The accident left him unable to walk, and the KHS staff feared that both legs or hips were injured. After spending some time with the KHS Veterinary Services team, TruBlue started to bear weight on his left leg – but his right leg was clearly broken.

Although he was clearly in pain, TruBlue continued to greet everyone with a kiss and a happy tail wag. He seemed to love every human, dog and cat he encountered, despite being unable to use his back leg and being in terrible pain.

X-rays revealed TruBlue’s right femur was broken in seven places. Unless he had surgery, there would be no way to save Blue’s leg.

Decision for Surgery


The KHS shelter team considered amputation but felt that TruBlue deserved a fighting chance to save his leg. They consulted with an orthopedic surgeon. Given his youth, his loving disposition and a good prognosis, they decided to give TruBlue the chance at full recovery by sending him to surgery.

They took Blue to Metropolitan Veterinary Specialists, which offers trauma care for pets. Blue went into surgery, and Dr. Benjamin Neat carefully mended his shattered leg with a metal plate, pin and numerous metal screws. (See x-ray below)

After surgery, TruBlue returned to KHS. His leg very swollen, he was put on strict cage rest: If he became too excited and moved around too much, he could easily redamage his fragile leg. For a young puppy with an active mind, this was a tall order.

Blue-aftersurgeryAfter Blue spent weeks recuperating in a foster home, his veterinarian said he could enjoy controlled play on a leash. And after six weeks under the care of the Kentucky Humane Society, TruBlue was adopted by Jordan and Katie Dockery, a couple interested in pitbull terrier advocacy. The couple has a pitbull/lab mix they adopted last year from Louisville Metro Animal Services. The Dockeries will enroll TruBlue in a Canine Good Citizen class with the goal of Blue earning his good citizenship certification.

Thanks to donors to the Kentucky Humane Society, Blue will have a normal life. Heis once again experiencing the joy of running after balls and chasing his dog friends. Most importantly, thanks to KHS, he found a loving, permanent home.

Donations for TruBlue’s surgery

TruBlue’s surgery cost almost $3,000 – a prohibitive amount for most pet owners and shelters. But thanks to caring pet supporters, the Kentucky Humane Society has a special fund for pets like Blue.

Called Fund a Need, this donor-supported fund pays for medical and behavioral care above-and-beyond normal shelter care. The funds are usTruBlue-with-Jordan1ed for medical diagnosis and treatment and for advanced behavior help. To continue to treat TruBlue and hundreds of pets like him, we need your help.

Donate to help

You can help pets at KHS by making a tax-deductible donation to Fund a Need. Your donation will be used exclusively to provide advanced medical care or behavioral help to dogs and cats at KHS who would otherwise have slim prospects to lead normal lives.

These funds have saved or improved the lives of so many pets in our community.

Help us help other pets by donating to Fund a Need. To do so, give online. In the “comments” field on the last screen, type in “Fund a Need.” We will restrict your gift to this special fund.

Donate Online

If you prefer to give through mail, make your check payable to the Kentucky Humane Society and write “Fund a Need” on the memo line. Mail to: The Kentucky Humane Society, 1000 Lyndon Lane Suite B, Louisville, KY 40222.

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