You can give an animal in need a second chance!

Local authorities alerted the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) when Reese and Ginger were found neglected and starving. Thanks to your support, we were able to rescue them.

Ginger and Reese were some of the saddest horses we had ever seen. These poor mares had spent the last several years on a lonely piece of land with little to eat. Reese — the taller horse — had a body condition score of 1 out of 9 — the lowest score possible. Her ribs and spine projected prominently. The pony Ginger, also severely malnourished and distressed, wouldn’t leave her best friend’s side.

At our Willow Hope Farm, Reese and Ginger saw a veterinarian who created a nutrition plan to help them gain weight while avoiding refeeding syndrome — a potentially fatal condition that can occur if starved horses are fed too quickly.

Slowly, they started to recover. They were eager for a pat and a kind word whenever they saw our staff. We could tell they were feeling better when they perked up for their favorite snack — peppermints.

We discovered that both these horses had previously been trained to ride. And with their gentle and kind personalities, we knew they would be amazing therapy horses. Now, these two best friends who once desperately needed your help are now healed and helping children with special needs at an equine therapy facility.

Every day, KHS takes in animals like Reese and Ginger, who have nowhere else to turn. Please make a gift today to help us save more animals in need. Your gift will help KHS to provide shelter, lifesaving care, and bright futures to almost 6,000 dogs, cats, and horses this year. Donations also allow us to assist animals during natural disasters and respond to large-scale animal cruelty and neglect.

Through your generosity, you can turn neglect and loneliness into safety and love. You can give a suffering animal a chance for a healthy, happy life. KHS is grateful for your friendship at a time when so many animals need help. On behalf of those whose lives will be saved by your generosity, thank you so much.

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