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Donations DOUBLED: Join Our Holiday Giving Campaign & Save Lives!

Save twice the lives: PetFirst Pet Insurance will match your gifts, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. Learn more in a letter from our President & CEO, Lori Redmon:


Dear Friends of the Animals,

I’ve got great news to share! Your gift to the Kentucky Humane Society will save TWICE AS MANY LIVES this holiday season!

Thanks to an amazing offer from PetFirst Pet Insurance, every gift received BEFORE December 31 will be matched — dollar for dollar — up to $10,000! Donate now.

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• Your gift of $25 will become $50 when matched! That’s double the lifesaving care for homeless animals in Kentucky!
• $50 will become $75 and will offer bright futures to twice as many little ones like Lego!

Lego, a 10-week-old shepherd puppy, came to the Kentucky Humane Society from Eastern Kentucky with his siblings. The tiny pup was half the size of the other puppies.

While his brothers and sisters romped and played, Lego sat perfectly still. It took all of his energy just to breathe.

Our team was unsure if the tiny puppy with soulful brown eyes would make it, but we were determined to give it our best.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Emily, suspected a heart defect. She ordered an x-ray and was shocked what she saw on the screen.

His organs were pushing up into his lungs and heart. He was born with a rare birth defect. There was a hole in his diaphragm. Dr. Emily knew she needed to repair this hole immediately or he wouldn’t survive.

While he was on the operating table, little Lego’s heart stopped.

Our staff performed CPR on him to bring him back to life. Our veterinary team gently breathed for him through a tube, filling his tiny lungs up with air.

Miraculously, his heart began to beat again. Our team cheered, but we knew that Lego’s long fight was far from over.

Lego required round-the-clock care. For the first few days, it was touch and go. But Lego — named that because Dr. Emily had literally put him back together again — was stronger than he looked.

With the comprehensive care he received from our team, he began to grow. Each night he went home with Dr. Emily, and each day he came to work with her.

After months of caring for Lego, Dr. Emily’s family realized they couldn’t imagine life without this sweet, silly puppy and voted unanimously to keep Lego forever.

Today, Lego is an adorable, energetic and happy puppy. He sleeps each night next to the person who saved his life. Of course, Dr. Emily couldn’t have done it without the support of amazing people like you.

Your gift will save TWICE AS MANY lives this holiday season.

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This matching gift offer is an opportunity to give the perfect gift... one that will help twice as many needy animals like Lego! You’re giving them the gift of a lifetime.

Your donation will provide safe, warm shelter, lifesaving medical care, and spay/neuter services to homeless cats and dogs – and then we find them wonderful homes. We can’t do it without you.

Please don’t miss this chance to DOUBLE the lifesaving power of your gift to the Kentucky Humane Society by sending the most generous gift you can afford — a gift that will be matched, dollar for dollar by PetFirst Pet Insurance.

Thank you for being a friend to animals. Your generosity this holiday season will make a great difference in the lives of so many.

With gratitude and warm wishes,

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Lori Kane Redmon
President and CEO

P.S. Please remember: we must receive your gift by December 31 to be eligible for this $10,000 Matching Gift Challenge and to have your gift matched dollar for dollar by PetFirst Pet Insurance. You’ll save the lives of TWICE AS MANY homeless animals like little Lego!

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