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Wednesday, 04 April 2018 14:28

Turn Your Compassion into Action: Help Animals like Tully

Tully was a shy dog when he arrived at KHS. But with your help, he blossomed. Read his incredible story.

Dear Friend of the Animals,

The look in Tully’s eyes as he took his first tentative steps toward us was unforgettable. The young Labrador mix was terrified, but he summoned up his courage and put one foot in front of the next as he walked into the Kentucky
Humane Society.

He had no idea that kind people like you even existed, much less that you were in his corner, ready to give him everything he needed and more love than he ever dreamed possible.

Tully had never been loved. In fact, at less than a year old, he was abandoned by his owner on a rural piece of property – and left with no human contact for months. It’s no wonder that he was afraid.

The Kentucky Humane Society is a safety net for animals like Tully whose roads end at our front door. With your help, these animals step across the threshold and into the possibility of a happy, healthy future. Your support literally saves their lives.

I hope you will turn your compassion into action today. It takes so little to change a life. The simple act of making a gift will provide lifesaving care to youngsters like Tully.

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With your support, Tully was assisted by our Sam Swope Pet Retreat, a unique rehabilitation center for shelter pets. Our behavior experts discovered that Tully loved other dogs, so they paired him with “helper dogs” who taught him how to relax. Within a few weeks, Tully went from hiding in the presence of staff, to seeking out games and affection. Before long, he was ready for a forever home where he could be cherished.

Your help makes success stories like this possible. Your gift is an act of love that provides lifesaving medical services, nutritious food, safe shelter and happy futures to animals in need.

Society will not soon forget. In a recent update, Tully’s new mom and dad said that Tully is now a happy dog who loves going for walks, getting treats and spending time with his people. Tully bounds around their yard with sheer, unbridled joy with their other dog, Brice. Tully finally knows what unconditional love is. That’s what all dogs deserve.

You can give animals like Tully the opportunity to be loved. Please make a gift today.

On behalf of the animals who will be served by your generosity, thank you so very much!

With hope and gratitude,

Lori Kane Redmon Signature

Lori Kane Redmon
President and CEO
Kentucky Humane Society 

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