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The Gift of Love

There’s a lot of history in his soulful brown eyes. It’s easy to love him. At least that’s what we thought.

The reality was that Earl didn’t hold a candle to the puppies and younger dogs who quickly got adopted.

You see, Earl is a senior who is losing his hearing—which can make it scary for him when someone tries to pick him up or startles him from behind. We knew it would be hard to find someone who understands him.

But luckily for Earl, he found help at the Kentucky Humane Society. Our behavior team worked with Earl to teach him to relax and trust. They even taught him a hand signal. In a short time, Earl recognized the sign and knew that a treat was coming before he was touched. He learned to love these interactions with our staff, and his little tag wagged a mile a minute.

With your generous support of the Kentucky Humane Society, you open your heart to abandoned animals. You provide the resources to give dogs like Earl the time and comprehensive care that they need to see them through to brighter days.

Your gift will give animals like Earl safe shelter, nutritious meals, lifesaving medical and behavioral care and an endless supply of love here at the Kentucky Humane Society. Then your gift will help us find them fantastic homes with people who will love them forever. The kind of home Earl found with David, an older gentleman who had been looking for a little dog to love.

David and his wife are the grandparents of one of our behavior specialists. They agreed to foster Earl to see how he did in their home.  Earl settled into the home as if he had been there all his life. He and David became fast friends.

After a few weeks, neither could imagine life without the other. Earl follows David around everywhere. In fact, the family calls him grandpa’s little shadow. The two of them enjoy going for walks together and taking naps on the couch. And when Earl gets excited and runs around the house like a puppy, David can’t help but laugh at his antics.

Earl filled a need in David’s heart, and David did the same for little Earl.

There are so many other animals just like Earl who are counting on our help.

With your support, we provide the personalized care that animals like Earl need when others have failed them. 

On behalf of the animals who will be rescued and healed because of your generosity, thank you! Your support makes everything — including falling in love — possible at the Kentucky Humane Society.

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