Friday, 21 September 2018 16:51

Baby Horse Parker Needs Your Help

Urgent need: Parker just arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society in critical condition from being malnurished. 

We received a call from Animal Control about an emaciated foal that needed help.

Parker is from a free-roaming herd in Eastern Kentucky, and his mother was not producing milk. KHS picked Parker up in the middle of the night and rushed him to a 24-hour equine hospital, arriving at 1:30 a.m. He was covered in burrs and severely emaciated. He had to be carried into the hospital because he was too weak to stand on his own, let alone walk into the hospital.

Staff at the hospital took one look at him and said the did not think he would not make it through the night, but we wanted to give this foal a chance. They immediately began to work on him and found that he was extremely dehydrated, anemic and had pneumonia. Further evaluation showed that he was infested with worms, four times higher than the highest count they register.

Parker made it through the night, but he is still in critical condition. The hospital staff continue to provide him fluids, and have now started a slow deworming program on him. The deworming process is very dangerous for him because the number of worms he has can cause an impaction and/or can make his body toxic as the worms die in his intestine. They are providing him mineral oil as well in an attempt to keep his intestines moving. We initially believed Parker to be 1 month old based on his tiny size; however, we now believe that he is closer to 3 months old. 

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