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Monday, 26 October 2020 12:05

Wounded Dog Recovering at KHS

Charlie, a sweet two-year-old dog, arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society in need of emergency care after a wooden skewer was found embedded in his chest.

Charlie was surrendered to a rural animal shelter in western Kentucky with a deep wound in his side. A shelter employee took him to a local veterinarian, who found the skewer through his ribs and very close to his heart, along with 4-5 cracked ribs. They surgically removed the object to save his life, and then reached out to KHS for help. At KHS, Charlie had another surgery to close the wound, and our veterinary team inserted a drain to help with the healing process. We continue to monitor him for any additional damage.

As sickened as we are by this serious injury, we are grateful that Charlie is now at the Kentucky Humane Society, where he is getting the medical care and love he needs to heal.

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Help Pets Like Charlie

 KHS is a nonprofit agency, and we rely on donations to fund our lifesaving work. We are able to take in injured animals like Charlie and provide financial and transport assistance to overcrowded Kentucky shelters because of donations from compassionate supporters like you, who love animals as much as we do. Donations are welcome on our website,

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