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Nine Kittens Thrown from Car. Two Survive.

Last Sunday our Admissions Department received a frantic call from a Good Samaritan. The caller was on her way home to Louisville after visiting a bourbon distillery in Nelson County KY when she saw a dead kitten in the middle of the road. A quarter mile later, she saw another dead kitten. Another quarter mile, she saw another. Then another. And another. It was a gruesome and horrifying discovery, especially for an animal lover like Susan. 

We suspect that the kittens had been thrown from a moving car.

With each passing kitten, Susan became more frantic and upset. Finally, she found a little tortie kitten who lifted her head and meowed. Susan quickly pulled over. The kitten had blood on her face. Susan scooped up the baby kitten, whom she named Julep, and kept driving, determined to save her.

A quarter mile later, she saw another lifeless body on the road. Finally, she found a second kitten who was still alive. Rye, a gray tabby, had a gaping wound on her back right leg. In total, Susan saw 8 or 9 kittens. All but two had died from impact with the pavement.

Susan wanted to help keep these precious little kittens alive, to give them a fighting chance. She knew if she could just get them to the Kentucky Humane Society, we would do everything we could to help.

At KHS, our veterinary team administered fluids to the four-week-old kittens to help prevent them from going into shock. After they stabilized, we cleaned their wounds and evaluated their injuries.

Fortunately, Julep's facial injuries were superficial, and she had not suffered internal injuries. But the experience left her traumatized. The little kitten was fearful and shy.

Rye had a more serious injury. The fur on her back leg had been torn off from impact with the pavement, exposing her tiny leg muscles. Despite this, Rye enjoyed cuddling with our staff.

The kittens are now recovering in the home of one of our experienced foster caregivers. They are receiving nutritious food and love. They are learning that people can be kind and trustworthy. We are optimistic that with loving care, they will forget the trauma they endured and will become happy, healthy kittens who will find their forever homes once they are ready for adoption.

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On July 8, Julep and Rye were given the all-clear. After long weeks with a loving and dedicated foster caregiver, Julep and Rye have returned to the shelter. They will be up for adoption in the next day or two. These two sweet cats are ready for their forever homes. 

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You Can Help!

We are able to care for injured babies like Julep and Rye because of supporters like you. From donating money to fostering injured animals until they are ready for adoption, our supporters let us open our shelter doors to animals in need every day. Thank you!

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