Tuesday, 09 June 2015 16:26

Cat Found Dangling from Fence

On June sixth, a couple was awoken by screams and cries of panic coming from their backyard. What they saw sent them racing into their yard, horrified and speechless. A poor cat’s foot had been caught in between the boards of their privacy fence, leaving the distressed cat dangling upside down, trying to free himself. When they reached the fence they saw scratch marks, tuffs of cat hair and even teeth marks from where the desperate feline had tried to free himself.  They made several attempts to free the cat’s leg with no success. Feeling the limb grow colder by the minute, they decided to take apart their fence and were finally able to free the trapped cat. The frantic couple then rushed the feline to the Kentucky Humane Society to see if anything could be done to help him.

Update on Rescue

rescue3It’s been nearly eighteen days since the cat, now named Rescue, was brought into the Kentucky Humane Society’s loving care. Upon first examination, Rescue’s cold and bloody limb appeared to be badly broken, and we feared amputation was his only option. After several days of watching him, however, we were shocked to see that despite everything, Rescue had not thrown in the towel. He began trying to use the damaged limb and was soon miraculously able to not only stand, but walk on the mangled leg. X-rays revealed that the leg, while suffering many torn ligaments and muscles, was not broken. Upon hearing these incredible results, we now have hope that Rescue may not only be able to keep his leg, but make a full recovery!

rescue4These days, the once endangered feline is making tremendous progress. Under our medical team’s watchful eyes, he continues growing stronger and braver every day. He has almost mastered walking without stumbling and even tries to jump up on and off of counters when no one is looking. Rescue is currently waiting for a foster home where we will monitor his progress and continue watching his leg heal. Despite his trauma, Rescue is a friendly, social cat who seems to want nothing more than love and attention from everyone he meets. His unbreakable spirit has inspired all of us here at the shelter, and we’re so happy to be able to give this sweet cat a second chance at life.

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