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Kitten Hit by Car Saved by KHS Employee

Flicka May Need Amputation – Time Will Tell

On September 26, a Kentucky Humane Society employee was driving home in Bullitt County when she learned a tiny kitten had been struck by a car. Sadly, no one had stopped to help.

Not willing to let the kitten die alone by the side of the road, Kelly decided she had to try to find that kitten. She pulled over and talked with a guard near the Amazon fulfillment center. He told Kelly where the accident had happened, and she began her search.

catAfter diligently searching in the long grass, Kelly finally located the kitten. What she found left her speechless: The poor, three-month-old Torbie mix was completely covered in blood. One of her front legs was utterly mangled and hung limp. Her other front leg appeared damaged as well, but the kitten was able to use it to hobble. She had multiple spots where her fur had been scraped or rubbed off from the car's impact, and her eye was swollen. Her gums were extremely pale, but luckily, she had not gone into shock. Kelly had reached her just in the nick of time.

Kelly called the Kentucky Humane Society's veterinarian for advice. While the kitten's injuries were significant, she was in stable condition. Kelly—an admissions technician accustomed to handling sick and injured animals—offered to take the tiny kitten home for the evening and care for her throughout the night. The next day, Kelly brought "Flicka" to KHS. After being thoroughly examined by the KHS veterinarian, it was determined that Flicka's front left leg was likely broken and would require additional veterinary care as well as X-rays. Her front right leg, while likely not broken, had sustained significant damage and would need rehabilitation as well.

Flicka spent the next week under strict medical care. She was given medication to fight off infection as well as medicine to help with the intense pain in her legs. X-rays were taken and revealed a fracture in the tiny kitten's Humerus bone. Being so young, there is a chance that Flicka's leg will heal on its own. But if her leg does not heal, Flicka may face amputation. Only time will tell.

Flicka will spend about a month in a foster home where her progress will be monitored and where she will be on strict cage rest (never easy for an active kitten). We are hopeful that, with time to heal and plenty of TLC, we will be able to save her leg.

We will update Flicka's progress when we know more.


Update from Fostercat

It’s been almost one month since Flicka arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society’s doors after being struck by a car. While Flicka remains in foster care, we are happy to report that she is making incredible progress thanks to her foster mom and finder, Kelly.

Despite the damage done to her limbs, Flicka has learned to walk and do many other things normal kittens do. According to her foster mom, the sweet three-month-old is a total love-bug and a complete goofball. Like many kittens, Flicka is very social and enjoys annoying her foster mom’s older resident cat. Although she does continue to limp a bit, we will know more about Flicka’s outcome after her appointment with our veterinarian.




Update from Adoption Floor


After a month of rest and healing in foster care, we are happy to announce that Flicka has made wonderful progress and will be able to keep her leg. Despite the damage done to her limbs from the car's impact, Flicka has learned to walk, climb, pounce and do many other things normal kittens do! According to her foster mom, Flicka is a social butterfly who enjoys being around her humans, climbing on cat trees and playing with any toy she can get her paws on.

Now that Flicka's mind and body have been healed, this sweet four-month-old is ready for adoption! Come meet the brave kitten who has surpassed all odds at the KHS St. Matthews Feeders adoption location. She'll be waiting!


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