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Tuesday, 23 June 2015 12:08

Fourth of July Safety

The Fourth of July is a great holiday, filled with celebration, fireworks, food and lots of outdoor fun. We’d like to make sure that the holiday is just as fun for your pets as it is for you. Here are some suggestions to make the holiday safer for your pet.

Friday, 05 June 2015 12:08

Introducing Your Pet to Your New Baby

There are many events in life that test your stress level, and these events can also have a big impact on your dog or cat. A new pet, moving, a new baby, new job; these are all changes that humans and animals alike must be prepared for. In this five part series, I will go over how to make these life changes easier for you and your furry best friend! In this segment, we will be discussing how to prepare your pet for the arrival of a new baby.

As parents-to-be, you worry about how to juggle your pet and the new demands of a child. Finding a balance can seem daunting, but there is a way to keep everyone happy during this big transition.

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