Wall Flowers. Instructor: Kat. Length: 6 weeks. Cost: $100.00

From October 14, 2017 9:30 am until 10:30 am
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Wallflowers (maximum of 6 dogs per class) – $100*

Wallflowers is for very shy dogs who need to gain confidence. If your dog hides from new people or spooks at sounds and objects, this might be the right class for you. This class is limited to six dogs.


*Reactive Rover and Wallflower classes are both specialty classes with limited enrollment. Because of the nature of these classes and the limited enrollment, the pricing for these classes is higher than our other basic classes. Both of these classes are taught using clicker training methods (clickers and wrist coils are provided) and focus on behavior modification using classical conditioning methods as opposed to traditional obedience classes which focus on specific obedience cues such as stay and recall.