Equine Guardianship Program

Peace of Mind for Your Equine’s Future

The Equine Guardianship Program is an exclusive benefit for members of the Kentucky Humane Society’s (KHS) Lifelong Friends Society, which is open to anyone who includes KHS in their estate plans. This program allows you to designate KHS as a temporary guardian for any of your equine(s) who may outlive you. KHS will provide care until a suitable and loving home can be found. The following guidelines have been created for individuals wishing to enroll in the program.

Enrollment Process

A minimum gift of $25,000 from your estate, trust or other asset(s) is required for each equine you wish to enroll in the program. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Deferred / Beneficiary Gifts
    • Bequest/will
    • Trusts
    • Qualified retirement plans
    • Life insurance policies
    • Donor advised funds
  • Current Gifts
    • Cash or checks
    • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds
    • Real estate or personal property
    • Charitable lead trust
    • Qualified charitable distributions

Your estate planning attorney or financial planner can assist you in executing and finalizing your plan. Please note that while KHS can be listed as a beneficiary in a trust or will, the organization cannot act as the trustee, executor, or personal representative of your estate.

Questions? Please contact:
Kristin Binkowski, Donor & Estate Planning Specialist
[email protected] or 502-515-3147

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