EthanAlmighty’s Story

EthanAlmighty, A Symbol of Hope and Love

Ethan was dumped in a parking lot at the Kentucky Humane Society on a cold January day in 2021. He was actively dying and only weighed 38lbs when he should’ve been well over 100 lbs. He was rushed to KHS’ Veterinary Services department and the team began immediately to try to stabilize him. Ethan couldn’t lift his head to eat or drink on his own and didn’t take his first steps for six days. With each day, though, he kept fighting to stay alive. He had an unimaginable determination to keep persevering through the horrendous beginning to his life. His incredible will to live has inspired thousands of people around the world who followed his story.

To lean more about Ethan and his incredible story, please visit EthanAlmighty.com. Follow EthanAlmighty on Facebook and Instagram.

Ethan Named Humane Hero Dog of the Year

Over the past couple years, Ethan has brought attention and recognition to shelters and animals all over the country through his recovery. His journey has inspired and connected with people who have never met him and gave them the courage and motivation to fight hardships in their life. Wherever he goes he instantly puts a smile on people’s faces and brings happiness and kindness to everyone he meets. His journey has brought him from the parking lot in Louisville to the stage in West Palm Beach where he was named American Humane National Hero Dog of the Year.

Ethan Banner at the Marriott Louisvlle Downtown

This banner is an amazing partnership with Kentucky Humane Society, Louisville Downtown Marriott and Porch, Boxcar PR.

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Your donation will help the Kentucky Humane Society help “future Ethans.” Every week, KHS takes in animals that have been abused, abandoned or neglected, or are just unwanted. Your support helps us save them.

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