Puppy or Kitten Grams



Have an Animal Visit Your Loved One or Your Workplace

Looking for a unique and memorable way to brighten someone's day? Order a Puppy or Kitten Gram for your loved one or office!

With a donation of $200 or more to KHS, we'll bring a cuddly kitten or puppy for a visit to your loved one or your office.

"Everyone loves a visit by a cuddly puppy or kitten. And animals have a multitude of positive effects on people, including reducing stress," says Alisa Gray, KHS Development Director. "What better way to encourage office camaraderie and to lift spirits than to take a Puppy or Kitten Gram?"

To arrange a Puppy or Kitten Gram, contact Frank Hanlon at 502-515-3143 or [email protected]. All gifts are tax 100% deductible and benefit KHS’ lifesaving mission. KHS is the state’s largest pet adoption agency and spay/neuter provider.