KHS Rescue Stories

The Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) finds homes for thousands of animals every year, but sometimes those animals need some extra help before they are ready to find their forever homes. Below are stories of  a few of the animals KHS has rescued; each story is filled with care, determination and hope. But the most importantly, these stories all share a common theme: the lifesaving care they were provided was made possible by our supporters. As a private, non-profit organization, KHS relies on donations to save the lives of thousands of animals every year. We are so grateful for our community’s ongoing support and hope you will consider donating in these animals’ honor so we can continue our lifesaving work.


Ethan was dumped in a parking lot at the Kentucky Humane Society on a cold January day in 2021. He was actively dying and only weighed 38lbs when he should have been well over 100 lbs. He was rushed to KHS’ Veterinary Services department, where the team began immediately to try to stabilize him.

Ethan couldn’t lift his head to eat or drink on his own and didn’t take his first steps for six days. With each day, though, he kept fighting to stay alive. He had an unimaginable determination to keep persevering through the horrendous beginning to his life. His incredible will to live has inspired thousands of people around the world who followed his story.

EthanAlmighty has brought attention and recognition to shelters and animals all over the country through his recovery. Wherever he goes he instantly puts a smile on people’s faces.


At just two-months old, Fancy came to KHS in May 2023 severely injured after she crawled under the hood of a car. Her body was viciously torn by the vehicle’s fan belt. She suffered lacerations, hearing loss and a hole in her sinus that made it difficult to breathe. Most shockingly, the tiny toes from her back left paw were torn off.

KHS gave her I.V. fluids, pain medications, sutured the hole in her sinus, dressed her wounds, and syringe fed her. Despite her traumatic injuries, this little kitten was affectionate, making air biscuits to show her gratitude to the veterinary staff.

Finally, Fancy was stable enough for a home. She met her adopter, who also spent months recovering from injuries caused by a terrible accident. Now, the two survivors are forever friends!


At only four months old, Cowboy was abandoned overnight on a delivery bag outside the Kentucky Humane Society in June 2023. He had a severe break to his leg, caused by blunt-force trauma. He was in such tremendous pain that he didn’t move the entire night. Early the next morning, a KHS staff member found him and rushed him to our veterinary team.

X-rays showed that Cowboy’s right humerus had a severe complete fracture close to the elbow. We do not know how Cowboy was injured, or who abandoned him. We choose to believe the best in people, so we hope that his injury was an accident and that his owner or the person who found him didn’t know what else to do.

Thanks to our community’s support, KHS provided Cowboy with lifesaving medical care, nourishing food and time to heal. Because of you, he was saved.

Orphan Andy and Una

Orphan Andy was born to a free-roaming herd on a remote mountain. He was just a few days old when he was orphaned. A concerned citizen contacted KHS, and our Equine team rushed the starving foal to an equine hospital. After receiving fluids, medications and nutrition, Andy was finally stable enough to come to  KHS’ Willow Hope Farm.

Like Andy, Una had also survived starvation and abandonment. This one-eyed, senior mare had been rescued from a mountain months before, where she was trying to live off tree bark while nursing her own foal and yearling. At Willow Hope Farm, Una became strong and healthy, and her offspring were adopted. But Una remained at KHS, where she paced and whinnied whenever she saw other mares with their newborn foals. It was clear Una wanted a baby of her own again. And Andy needed a mother.

That’s when we had an idea: what if we tried hormone-induced lactation so that Una could be Andy’s surrogate mom? Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, it worked! Una had a new purpose as Andy’s keeper and protector, and Andy had a loving mom.

Every week, KHS takes in animals that have been abused, abandoned or neglected, or are just unwanted. Your support helps us save them. Thank you for playing a part in saving the animals.

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