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Enter Your Pet in Our Calendar Contest

Your Pet Could Be a Calendar Model! Enter Our 2021 Pet Calendar Contest 

2020 Calendar front imageDo you have a great photo of your elegant equine, favorite feline or precious pooch? Or a furry friend who missed his or her calling as a super "ani-model"? Don't miss this chance to guarantee your favorite animal friend a spot in the sought-after annual Kentucky Humane Society Pet Calendar!

Your donation will support KHS' lifesaving mission to help local homeless cats and dogs. In addition, everyone who submits a photo is guaranteed to have their pet's photo printed in the calendar collage. Plus, each entrant will be mailed a 2021 calendar in November.

Photo submissions are 1 for $25, 2 for $40, 3 for $60 or 4 for $80. For that donation, you will have the chance to have your pet as the Featured Pet of the Month. There are eleven chances to be a Featured Pet of the the Month (printed photos are approximately 8.5x11 inches), and 24 chances to a be a Runner Up (Runner Up photos are approx. 2x3 inches).

Plus, everyone who submits a photo will have their pet's photo printed in the calendar's Lifelong Friends Collage and will be mailed a copy of the 2021 Pet Calendar in November 2020.

The deadline to submit your pet's photo is August 28, 2020.

All photos submitted will enter into a contest to be judged by our calendar committee. Committee members will judge photos based solely on the quality of the photo - judges will not know who submitted which photos. Each submission fee will support KHS' lifesaving adoption, spay/neuter and education programs.

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The rules for submitting photos

You can enter this contest by submitting a digital or hardcopy photo. All entries must be in color, with a horizontal layout and contain ONLY animals.

For digital photos, we require well-focused, sharp images that are at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) at a 4"x6" size and in JPEG (JPG) or TIFF format. Send digital images using the online submission form

Hardcopy photos should be no smaller than 4"x6" photographs. We do not accept Polaroid photos or copyrighted-professional photographs. Photos cannot be returned. For clarity and quality photo reproduction, please do not stamp or write on the back of photos.

All entries that meet these requirements and are postmarked or emailed by August 28, 2020, will be included in the 2021 Pet Calendar. Winners will be notified by phone or email, and the calendar will be available in November 2020. 

All entries will be blind judged by KHS, with the top 11 photos featured as "Pets of the Month" and 24 runners-up included in smaller photos within the calendar portion of each month's page. All other photos will be included in the calendar as part of the Lifelong Friends Collage.

Questions about our calendar or the contest? Call (502) 515-3143 or e-mail [email protected].

Tips for Photographing Your Pet

Location and Background

  • Look for a location where your pet will be relaxed and natural.
  • Photograph your pet against a color that contrasts with his/her coat.

It's in the Eyes

  • Focus on your pet's eyes, as the eyes will convey your pet's personality the best.
  • Avoid shooting in low light situations where flash is required and your pet's eyes are likely to glow.

Black and White Coats

  • When working with dark animals, make adjustments to properly expose the image.
  • When photographing animals with very light coats, make sure the lighting is not too bright.

Patience is a Virtue

  • Don't get frustrated. Stay relaxed and have fun, and your pet will too!
  • Enlist a helper or squeak toys to get your pet to look toward the camera.

Hot Weather Tips for Pet Owners

Tips from the Kentucky Humane Society's Free Pet Help Line, 502-509-4PET

Summer can be a fun time for pet owners and their animals to get outside and play. But the Kentucky Humane Society’s free Pet Help Line, 502-509-4PET, wants to remind pet parents that extreme heat can be very hazardous to pets.

“Often, pet owners forget that extreme heat can be potentially fatal to their loyal companions. It’s important for pet owners to be educated on how to keep their pets safe from summer heat,” says Shelby Schulz, the Pet Help Line specialist. KHS is the state’s largest pet adoption agency and no-kill animal shelter.

Every year, companion animals suffer and die when their owners leave them in a parked car while they run errands. Temperatures inside cars can quickly rise 20 to 40 degrees higher than the outside temperature, and animals can die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes.

“If you see an animal in danger in a hot car, call 9-1-1 immediately,” says Schulz.

How else can pet owners protect pets from the scorching weather? Here are a few tips to keep pets safe, healthy and happy during the hot summer season.

  • NEVER leave pets in hot cars. Leaving pets in hot vehicles can cause severe dehydration and even death within minutes. Instead, keep your pets at home here they are safe and comfortable.

  • Keeps pets indoors during extreme heat. High temperatures can be dangerous, particularly to brachycephalic (short-nosed) dog breeds, such as pugs, boxers and bull dogs.

  • Make sure pets have access to shade and fresh water. As much as pets may like to play outside, it’s very easy for them to get dehydrated or overheated.

  • Be careful of asphalt. Asphalt or metal surfaces can get extremely hot in the summer and can burn paws and reflect heat back on your pet. Pet owners can help avoid burns by choosing other surfaces to walk on or by walking their pets in the morning or evening. Test the surface by placing your hand just above the ground.

  • Just like humans, some dogs and cats get sunburn. If you’re considering shaving your pet this summer, make sure to leave at least an inch of hair. This will help protect your pet from the sun’s dangerous rays. Animals with short, light-colored coats can easily get sunburned. Veterinarians can recommend appropriate sunscreens for pets.

  • Provide “kiddie pools” or sprinklers. Some dogs love to swim, just like humans. Kiddie pools or sprinklers will keep them safe from drowning and will also provide refreshing, fun activities to their day.

  • Know the signs of a heat stroke. Pet owners should be educated on the symptoms of a heat stroke so they can react immediately if their pets exhibit symptoms. Symptoms include restlessness, panting, increased respiratory and heart rates, excessive drooling, vomiting and diarrhea.

For more advice on pet-related questions, call KHS’ free Pet Help Line, 502-509-4PET or visit The Pet Help Line is funded by grants from Banfield Foundation and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASCPA).

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Kids Love KHS Camps

Humane society summer camp for kidsLifelong Friends Camp (ages 6-11)

This weeklong day camp, offered June through August, helps your child build a sense of kindness, respect and responsibility towards all living beings and our planet. Located at our East Campus, 1000 Lyndon Lane, Louisville.


Learn more


Our camps are sponsored by:


Dog Day at the Park

Dog Day at the Park r6liln85

Dog Day Nights

Every summer the Louisville Bats host the very popular Dog Days at the Park (now Dog Day Nights) at Louisville Slugger Field.

These events raise money for our furry friends and the Kentucky Humane Society by allowing fans the opportunity to bring their dog(s) to the ballpark on specially selected game dates. In addition, the Bats welcome people and their dogs to join them for a doggie parade before the games.


Sunday, April 26, 2019

Game begins at 2:00 p.m.

Tuesday, May 19, 2019

Game begins at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, June 2, 2019

Game begins at 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, June 30, 2019

Game begins at 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, August 26, 2019

Game begins at 6:30 p.m.

Fans making a donation of $3 per dog to the Kentucky Humane Society get to bring their pooch to our very own V.I.P. (Very Important Puppies) section and receive a special doggie bag (1st 500 dogs). Tickets for humans are $8 per person. 100% of the dog admissions price is a donation to KHS. 

Check out photos from last year on Flickr


Saved Puppies Ready for Adoption


FEB. 18 UPDATE: Adopters for Gregory and Samson Chosen Via Lottery

We are pleased to announce that two families were selected via lottery from the list of qualified adopters. The families have been alerted and will pick up their newest furry family members on Friday. If you submitted an application and were not contacted about Gregory and Samson, we encourage you to consider adopting another grateful shelter animal. View all adoptable dogs and adoptable cats

Gregory & Samson Ready for Adoption 

Applications Due by 6 p.m. Feb. 17 for Adoption Lottery

Gregory and Samson, two puppies rescued by a Rumpke driver from the bitter cold, are now ready for adoption through the Kentucky Humane Society. Many people have expressed interest in them; to make the adoption process as fair as possible, KHS will be conducting a lottery. We request that people interested in adopting one of the puppies download, print, and fill out the Dog & Puppy Adoption Survey located at and email the survey to [email protected] by 6 p.m. on Wednesday, February 17. Applicants may also drop off the survey before 6 p.m. February 16 or between 12:30-6 p.m. February 17. Only completed surveys will be considered.

KHS will conduct a lottery of qualified adopters who send in surveys by 6 p.m. February 17, and will contact the lottery recipient on Thursday. Each puppy will be ready for adoption by their new family on Friday. Given expected interest, KHS will not be able to answer questions via phone, email or social media about these puppies, and the puppies will not be available to meet the general public. The puppies are neutered, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations; the adoption fee for each puppy is $350.

While there has been tremendous interest in Gregory and Samson, we remind people that there are many wonderful puppies, dogs, kittens and cats looking for their forever homes at the Kentucky Humane Society and through other local shelters and rescues. If your application is not chosen via the lottery, we encourage you to consider adopting another grateful shelter animal. KHS receives new animals every day of the week. Within the next two weeks, KHS is expecting over 30 puppies from other shelters who will be looking for families to love them. Our hope is that Gregory and Samson help other animals find wonderful families too.

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