Yipsi, Other Pets Arrive at KHS


26 Animals rescued by Animal Rescue Corps Now at Kentucky Humane Society 

JANUARY 18, 2015, LOUISVILLE KY - Twenty-six animals saved by Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) from various operations arrived at the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) on Sunday, January 17, to be placed for adoption.

YipsiAmong the animals receiving care at KHS is Yipsi, a dog whose owner lived in the woods with his 31 dogs (in photo above with Yipsi). According to ARC president Scotlund Haisley, the dog’s owner was homeless and suffering from health issues, but he refused to accept help from the community until he knew his dogs would be safe.

Haisley said the dogs' owner had lived in the woods for at least 16 years.

"It was a very interesting, unique situation," Haisley told USA Today. "I wouldn't call it hoarding, and he wasn't abusing or neglecting the animals for profit. He was providing care for the animals."

"He wasn't going to address his medical needs until he knew his dogs were safe," Haisley said to the newspaper reporter.

The animals brought to KHS will receive medical examinations, behavioral assessments and spay/neuter surgeries to make them ready for adoption. KHS expects that some of the dogs and cats will be ready for adoption as early as this week.


More about the Cases from ARC:

Last week, January 6 through 9, ARC rescued over 130 animals of a variety of breeds and species in five rescues, dubbed Operation Resolution Parts 1-5, in five counties across Tennessee.

In Operation Resolution 1, on January 6, ARC rescued 21 abandoned dogs from a trash-strewn property in Clay County, where the dogs had been fending for themselves for weeks. Three deceased dogs were also discovered on the property and preliminary exams by ARC’s veterinarian point to death by exposure and starvation. Authorities were able to locate the property owner, who surrendered all the dogs to ARC. Photos

Operation Resolution 2 took place on January 7 when ARC rescued 17 dogs from a dilapidated, abandoned home in a residential neighborhood in Bolivar, TN. ARC then assisted Hardeman County Animal Control with an investigation of a report of animal cruelty in Hardeman County of dogs being disposed of in tire fire. The body of one dog who had been deceased less than 48 hours was found and sent to a lab in Nashville for necropsy. Findings suggest that severe parasitic infestation, resulting anemia, and starvation may have contributed to the dog’s death. Authorities are investigating and seeking the owner of that dog. Photos

Later that same day, on Operation Resolution 3, ARC, Hardin County Animal Control, and the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office acted on a warrant and found more than 40 animals, including dogs, a cat, and pet mice and rats, living in a single wide trailer in Counce, TN, with some of the highest ammonia levels encountered in the five years ARC has been working in Tennessee. All of the animals were surrendered by the property owner to ARC. Photos

On January 8, ARC secured the surrender of the potbellied pig found living in horrendous conditions in Benton County and then performed Operation Resolution 4 in Henderson County, with the surrender of 31 dogs from a man who had been living in the woods of Natchez Trace State Park for the past 16 years. Photos

While on scene of that rescue, ARC received a call from authorities three hours away in Macon County who had discovered 21 starving dogs abandoned in an old county store after receiving a call from the property owner who was there serving an eviction notice. Reportedly the property tenant and dogs’ owner had been in hospice and the dogs had been without care for weeks. ARC raced across the state to perform Operation Resolution 5. Photos

Animal Rescue Corps performed Operation Resolution in conjunction with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office; Hardeman County Animal Control; the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control; Benton County Animal Control; and the Macon County Animal Control and Lafayette Animal Control. The BISSELL Pet Foundation and PetSmart Charities® provided critical financial resources. Compassion in Action Tennessee and Goofy Foot Dog Rescue provided logistical support and contributed essential equipment and supplies. Animal House Veterinary Clinic in Clarksville, TN, and Premier Vet Care in Smyrna, TN, provided emergency veterinary care for this rescue. Novamet Specialty Products Corporation of Lebanon, TN, assisted with space for the ARC emergency shelter. Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team (PAART) provided transport of the animals from the ARC emergency shelter to placement partners out of state. 

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