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preston tennis ballThe staff at the Kentucky Humane Society's Fern Creek Pet Resort is really awesome. They’re always so excited to see Preston when he arrives - almost as excited as he is to see them! They take care of him as if he were their own dog. I know when Preston is at Fern Creek, he is being well taken care of and - dare I say - even spoiled.

I appreciate the team’s commitment to taking such great care of all the animals they serve, including mine. When I drop Preston off, I feel like I’m leaving him in the care of trusted friends. I recommend them without reservation.

- Rick Maynard

baconMy dogs have been in Doggie Day Care at the Fern Creek Pet Resort for four years. The staff is friendly, caring and professional and they really do love animals.

The large outdoor play area is great for fetch and even has swimming pools in the summer. We regularly use the boarding and grooming services as well.  I feel lucky to have found such a great place for my dogs and will be a customer for many years to come.

- Kristin Tobe

beachparty2011 072My dogs have been boarded and enrolled in Doggie Daycare at the Fern Creek Pet Resort (FCPR) since 2000. They have always given excellent care and taken time to help my most recent dog, a rescue, adjust to Doggie Day Care. The play area is large and they even provide a wading pool in the summer for dogs to cool off. If it's raining or too cold, there is an indoor play area. Either way, Duke and Wulfie come home exhausted. Great way to exercise and socialize. I am very happy with FCPR and would highly recommend to anyone in need of boarding, day care or grooming services.

- Mike Ross

lucy rothinghouseMy dog Lucy, loves going to the Doggie Day Care. As soon as she sees Miss Dana and Miss Jane her tail doesn't stop wagging!

The playing and socializing with other dogs has certainly helped my extremely hyperactive dog. It's been wonderful! Most of all, I never worry because I know she is well cared for by a staff that shows a real love and compassion for animals.

- Laurie Rothinghouse

shadow byrumOur little guy, Shadow, is an enthusiastic regular at the Kentucky Humane Society Doggie Day Care. We adopted him from KHS in August 2010 when he was only two-months-old. We quickly became regular clients of the Doggie Day Care program to provide Shadow with early socialization. In addition to regular socialization, Doggie Day Care is a great way to burn off Shadow's boundless energy! We always know when Shadow has had a particularly eventful day at day care because it takes him two days to "recover"!

Anyone with a Labrador knows that is no easy feat. Shadow loves day care so much that he can hardly contain his excitement when we arrive. He also loves the attention that the KHS staff showers on him and the home baked goodies he gets around the holidays. We absolutely love the day care program!

- Matthew and Ashley Byrum (and Shadow)

chloeAfter having several Great Danes, Chloe’s energy level and exercise needs were way above and beyond those of my previous Danes. With my full-time work schedule, she wasn’t getting the exercise she needed. I had even considered trying to find another home for Chloe that had more time and space for her to run. When my dog trainer suggested Doggie Day Care, I was hesitant at first but after having surgery I had no other way to get her enough exercise. I gave day care a try and I am so glad I did. Chloe and I are both much happier now that she gets full days of play.

- Cheryl Butler

toby with santaWhen our new puppy, Toby, was four-months-old I took him for his first Doggie Day Care visit. Staff members immediately stepped in to make sure Toby was not overwhelmed so he could adjust to his new friends. Now, interaction with the staff and other dogs has made Toby into a social butterfly. He never meets a stranger and is never afraid to play with other dogs he meets. I feel he is a much better puppy as a result of the time spent there. My husband goes so far as to tell me that Toby is the best dog he’s ever owned and I attribute that in part to the staff at Eastpoint Pet Resort.

We have also used the facility to board Toby when we are not able to take him with us. I can sign him up for daily activities and he can even be “Dog of the Day” and get to stay behind the desk with the staff to greet people. When I call to check up on him, the staff is always willing to keep me informed with how he spends his day since I can’t be there to check on him myself. They never treat my call as if it is an inconvenience for them.

I also use their groomer to take care of Toby. I am able to speak directly to the person who will make Toby handsome. She does everything possible to accommodate my wishes and I have never been disappointed with the way he looks when I pick him up. And he always seems to have a little extra skip in his step after a “spa day”.

I highly recommend the facility and the staff. They are very loving and caring and they take the time to get to know your pet. It is highly beneficial for your pet and you can rest assured that your pet will be worn out when you pick them up.

– Susan Osborn