STAR program

KHS Stops Taking in Dogs Due to Dog Flu

On July 21, 2017, the Kentucky Humane Society learned we had a confirmed case of canine influenza (or dog flu). Dogs exposed to this virus are being quarantined and treated at our Steedly Drive facility. Due to lack of space during the quarantine period, KHS is suspending all dog admissions (owner surrenders, strays and transfers) temporarily. We ask for your patience and understanding while we treat our dogs. We strongly recommend that ALL dog owners talk with their veterinarians about getting their dogs vaccinated against this highly contagious virus. Learn more 

Make Your Pet a STAR

The Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) understands how difficult it can be to surrender a pet. That’s why we offer the STAR (social media, television, and/or radio) program. Through this optional admissions program, you can assure that your cat or dog will be a featured "pet of the week" on local media, which provides positive exposure that can help your pet get adopted faster. Plus, all STAR fees help support KHS mission programs.


Benefits of the STAR Program

Social media, television and radio program

  • Cats and dogs enrolled in STAR (social media, television and/or radio) are featured as "pets of the week," helping them get adopted into loving homes faster.
  • Your dog's canine behavior evaluation (4 months or older) is completed while you wait.
  • You are able to monitor your pet's progress while they are at the Kentucky Humane Society.
  • KHS will let you know within 24 hours when your pet has been adopted.
  • You are able to reclaim your pet any time they are in our care at no charge.
  • Should your pet be deemed unadoptable, you will be given a 24 hour notice and will be able to reclaim your pet.



  • Dog or puppy: $75
  • Litter of 2-5 (dogs/puppies): $100
  • Litter of 6-10 (dogs/puppies): $125
  • Cat or kitten:  $75
  • Litter of 2-5 (cats/kittens): $100
  • Litter of 6-10 (cats/kittens): $125

Program Enrollment

When you make an appointment for admissions, please express your interest in the STAR program. KHS only has one admissions location: the Main Campus in south Louisville. View directions and hours of operation.

If you have additional questions, view our frequently asked questions or call (502) 366-3355.