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What is the KHS Courtesy Re-homing Service?

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The KHS Re-Homing Service is a proactive program designed to reduce the number of pets turned in to local shelters, while maintaining a safe place for the animals. The goal of this service is to empower good pet owners to be advocates for their pets and to find permanent, loving homes for their beloved animals.

The pets in our Courtesy Re-homing listings are not Kentucky Humane Society animals. Potential adopters must engage in direct communication with the pets' existing owners. Owners must prove their pets are spayed or neutered and have current vaccinations (financial aid is now available for spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations). Pets must remain in their owner’s home until their owner finds an appropriate new home. Pet owners who choose to use this service receive a Re-Homing Packet (duplicated below), complete with step-by-step instructions how to screen for the right home and how to write accurate, compelling bios about their pets.

To talk with someone about re-homing your pet, contact Shelby with the KHS Pet Help Line at [email protected] or 502-509-4PET.


Financial Aid for Spay/Neuter and Vaccinations

ASPCANO TAGSThanks to a grant from the ASPCA, the Kentucky Humane Society now offers financial aid for those who qualify to get their pets spayed/neutered and vaccinated so they can use our Courtesy Rehoming Service. Email [email protected] or call 502-509-4PET for information.


Is Re-Homing the Right Option?

Keeping Your Pet

If you are experiencing hardships or your pet has behavior issues that are making it difficult to keep him, the Kentucky Humane Society has many resources to help you keep your pet:

Dog Training Classes: If your dog won't stop jumping on guests, doesn't know basic manners or runs away whenever he is off leash, a dog training class may help teach your pet to make the right choices and keep him in your home. KHS offers hour-long group behavior classes most nights of the week and in locations throughout Louisville. Class prices range from $60 to $150, depending on the class, and most are six weeks long. Visit our website at to see what is available or call 502-253-2883 to discuss the best fit for your pet.

Financial and Pet Friendly Housing Difficulties: Unforeseen financial difficulties can happen to anyone at any time. Your pet can be a source of great comfort when financial difficulties happen, but if the cost of caring for your cat or dog has become difficult, we have some resources that can help. From pet food banks, lower cost veterinary info, affordable spay/neuter clinics, low-cost vaccines or housing referrals that will allow you to take your pet, we have options to help you stretch your pet care budget until you can get back on your feet. We also have resources for those who are struggling to find apartments or rental properties that are pet friendly. Please give our free Pet Help Line a call at 502-509-4PET to talk more about this resources or visit

Simple Behavior Issues: If your pet is having just one issue, or you don't feel a group class would be appropriate or safe for him, we have resources available to help you work through it. Please visit our website at to view a library of cat and dog behavior issues. You can also call our free Pet Help Line at 502-509-4PET and discuss the issue with a pet trainer or receive a referral to local private trainers. Or visit


Courtesy Re-homing Service

If you are unable to keep your pet, keeping the pet in your home and utilizing our courtesy re-homing service will decrease the stress on your pet, allow you to decide who adopts your pet and free up space in the shelter for other animals.

To Have Your Pet Listed

Please note, that re-homing is a process takes time. If you are not able to devote a month or more to trying to find your pet a new home, this is not the option for you.

Complete and return the re-homing application and all required documents to [email protected]. Info can also be mailed to Kentucky Humane Society Re-homing Service, c/o Pet Help Line, 241 Steedly Drive, Louisville KY 40214.

All pets accepted into the re-homing service must have proof of spay/neuter and up to date vaccines.

Please include in your application for re-homing services:

  • Re-homing application
  • 2-3 high-quality photos showing your animal's face, body and relative size
  • Proof of up-to-date vaccines and spay/neuter
  • Bio of your pet: be honest so you can find the best home

For resources to get your pet vaccinated and/or altered contact our Free Pet Help Line at 502-509-4Pet or visit


Get Your Pet Noticed

Promote your adoptable pet using social media, bulletin boards at work, school or church or use the flyer provided in this packet. Make sure a good quality color picture is included as well information about the pet's personality and your contact information.

Write a Compelling Bio and Provide Good Photos for Your Pet

By taking the time to write a compelling, informative and detailed description of the cat or dog you need to re-home and by providing good quality, attractive photos (and even video) of your pet, you will help guarantee that your pet finds a good match.


Your observations on the personality and uniqueness of your pet will help tell his or her story - and may help this pet find a new home faster. Also, your description will help a potential adopter better assess if an animal is right for his or her lifestyle and family.

Your pet bio should condense a lot of personalized information into a few well-chosen sentences (try for 6-10 sentences). Every pet is unique, and people want to see that uniqueness.

When writing about your pet, keep in mind these questions:

  • What makes your pet unique - i.e., what personality or qualities make your pet particularly special?
  • What are your pet's likes and dislikes?
  • What kind of home would your pet thrive in?
  • Does your pet have any special needs, diets or preferences that the new owner should know about?
  • Why are you re-homing your pet?

Photos and Videos

Photos are incredibly important. If you don't have good photos of your pet, be sure to take some. Make sure photos of are of good quality. If your pet is darker colored, take photos of your pet outside in the sun so your pet's unique features can be seen. If your pet is light colored, make sure photos are washed out. The best photos show your pet happy and relaxed.

In addition to providing attractive photo of your pet, consider uploading videos to YouTube that show your pet's tricks or how well he or she plays with other dogs or children, for example.


What to Look for in a Home

Re-homing your pet by yourself can be a stressful process. You want what's best for your pet, but also don't want to be too picky and not be able to find the right match. Here are some tips to help guide you towards finding the best new home for your pet:

  • Ask for references. Asking for 2-3 personal and a veterinarian reference will help to ensure the potential adopters take good care of their pets. If the person rents, ask for landlord info to make sure they are allowed to have pets.
  • Interview all potential adopters. Some good questions to ask are: Do you have kids? Do you have other animals? Where will the pet be during the day? How will the pet get exercised? Who will be the primary caretaker? If your pet is purebred, does the adopter have any experience with this breed? Knowing these things and the type of family your pet would do best with will help to make the best match.
  • Ask if you can bring the pet to their house for adoption. This ensures you get a look at the environment your pet will be living in.
  • Ask to meet all family members and pets prior to re-homing. If you are re-homing a dog and the new family has dogs, a meeting prior to re-homing at a neutral location (like a park or pet store) with all dogs is highly encouraged to make sure they get along.


Admissions Process 

If re-homing is not the option for you, and you cannot utilize our resources to help you keep your pet, you can learn about surrendering your pet for adoption.