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Vaccines Prior to Class

Please bring a copy of your dog’s most recent vaccinations to the first night of class.  Vaccinations required are rabies, distemper/parvo (titers accepted for dogs over two years of age) and bordetella.

Canine Influenza is in our area. The Kentucky Humane Society strongly recommends that the Canine Influenza Vaccine and subsequent booster vaccination be given prior to attending behavior training class. Students who elect not to get this vaccination may attend class but will be asked to sign a waiver.

The Kentucky Humane Society makes it easy for you to find behavior training classes in your community. For your convenience, we offer classes in many locations throughout Louisville. We also have two flagship Behavior and Training Centers: one at our Main Campus in South Louisville and one at our East Campus behind Westport Village. Need a little one-on-one? We offer private training sessions at both of our flagship locations.


Basic Manners and Puppies
Intermediate Manners and Tricks
B-Gone Series
Confidence Building
Private Training

Unless otherwise noted, all group classes are one-hour sessions each week for six weeks. Pricing below reflects cost for entire class. Advance registration and payment is required. Class maximum, unless otherwise noted, is 10 animals.

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Basic Manners and Puppies

Positively Puppies (dogs 8 to 15 weeks old) – $90

Raise your puppy right! This class focuses on socialization, handling, and confidence building to help your puppy grow into a well-adjusted adult. We will also begin teaching some basic manners as a foundation for our Manners for Life class. Don't miss out on your puppy's critical development period - we can help you start off on the right paw!

Manners for Life (dogs 4 months and older) – $90

It’s time for your dog to learn the basics! Your canine friend will learn to sit, stay, down, walk on a leash and more. Classes also address unwanted behaviors, such as jumping on people, however, if your dog becomes so excited (barking, lunging, pulling) when he sees dogs or other things in his environment, please see Reactive Rover class. If you need help determining which class is right for you, feel free to call our Pet Help Line at 502-253-2883.


Intermediate Manners and Tricks

Manners for Life Two – $90

Strengthen the basic skills learned in our Manners for Life class by working around distractions and fading out food rewards. A great class for dogs who need "continuing education" or who wish to earn their Canine Good Citizen® designation. Not all instructors offer the certification, please call 502.253.2883 if you are interested in CGC testing during this class. 

Tricks for Treats – $90

Take your dog to the next level of obedience while building his canine IQ! Dogs learn to shake, high five, bow, crawl and more.


B-Gone Series – $90 each

The B-Gone series are targeted 4 week courses to help you and your dog kick those annoying habits. As the holidays approach, we have created a few great courses that will help you and your dog breeze through those family visits or Thanksgiving dinners like a rock star. We may not be able to help you with Aunt Bessie's parfait, but we can sure help you have a well behaved dog this season! Choose one class or combine classes for a discount.

Spaz B-Gone (spastic dog) – $90

This is a great way to learn how to get your dog to relax when you do. If your dog bounces and bounds around the room every time you get up or barks for attention throughout the football game – then this is the class for you and your spastic dog! Teach your dog to focus on you "say please" for everything.

Beggin B-Gone (table manners) – $90

Does it drive you nuts when you constantly trip over your dog while cooking or your drooling dog is begging during dinner? We can help you keep your dog out of the kitchen or in a designated spot while your family is eating, and eliminate begging behaviors. We can even help you eliminate counter surfing while you are out of the room. Protect your Pecan Pie and come to this class!

Dasterdly Doorway Dashers B Gone! (doorway manners) – $90

Have you stopped inviting guests over because your dog barks at or jumps on your guests? This class will help you and (your mailman) live a better life by eliminating door dashing, doorbell barking, and improving your social life. You will be the hit of the holiday with this class!


Confidence Building

Reactive Rover (maximum of 4 dogs per class) – $155*

Reactive Rover is for dog-reactive dogs and is limited to four dogs per class. If your dog barks uncontrollably on walks when you pass another dog, this might be a good class for you. If you dont see this class on the schedule, please call (502) 253-2883 to be put on the waiting list.  

*We ask that no dogs with agression towards humans attend this class. If you have questions about your dogs eligibility or need further resources, please contact BEHAVIOR TRAINING (502) 253-2883.

Wallflowers (maximum of 6 dogs per class) – $105*

Wallflowers is for very shy dogs who need to gain confidence. If your dog hides from new people or spooks at sounds and objects, this might be the right class for you. This class is limited to six dogs.

* Reactive Rover and Wallflower classes are all specialty classes with limited enrollment. Because of the nature of these classes and the limited enrollment, the pricing for these classes is higher than our other basic classes. Both of these classes are taught using clicker training methods (clickers and wrist coils are provided) and focus on behavior modification using classical conditioning methods as opposed to traditional obedience classes which focus on specific obedience cues such as stay and recall.


Private Training - Prices Range from $55-$80

Is your problem too big for a group class? Sign up for a private training session for real-life solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Private training can help address reactivity, aggression, and anxiety based issues, along with basic to advanced obedience.To schedule your appointment, please contact the Behavior Training Department at (502) 253-2883.