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Resources to Help Reunite Lost or Found Pets

There are two animal shelters in Louisville that receive stray pets: Louisville Metro Animal Services’ (LMAS) intake facility at 3705 Manslick Road, and the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) at 241 Steedly Drive. LMAS is an municipal shelter, which means they are required by city ordinance to accept strays. KHS is a private nonprofit shelter and accepts strays by appointment as space allows.  Per city ordinance, both agencies keep stray pets for five days to allow their owners time to find them. After that time, the pets can be made available for adoption.

If you have lost your pet, please check current stray listings at both LMAS and KHS, plus the Courier-Journal, Craigs List, and Facebook lost and found pages. 

In addition to checking online sources, we strongly recommend that you visit LMAS and KHS in person. It is very important that you check with both facilities as often as possible. A minimum of every two days is recommended. It is very difficult to help you identify your pet over the phone.


Report a Lost or Found Pet

Louisville Metro Animal Services is the government agency responsible for picking up stray pets in Louisville Metro. To report a lost or found pet or to search for pets at LMAS, please visit their website: LMAS Lost and Found 


License Tags and Micro-chipping Are Your Pet's Ticket Home

An animal wearing its license tag and/or micro-chip can return home much faster and easier than one without a tag. Anyone finding an animal can call Louisville Metro Animal Services' dispatch number at 502-363-6609 with the license tag number and receive the owner's name, address and phone number. Veterinarians and shelters can also scan the pet for a micro-chip to discover the owner's contact information.


What Else Can I Do? 

In addition to registering your lost pet with LMAS and checking with both LMAS and KHS, please also consider:

  • Posting a flier, with your pet's photograph, in your neighborhood
  • Posting your pet's photo and information on your facebook, twitter and other social media pages
  • Placing an ad in your local newspaper

Many animals are reunited with their owners thanks to Facebook and other online resources. We recommend you add your lost or found listing to:

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Louisville Lost & Found Pets Advocates on Facebook
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