Pet Surrender – Legal Terms

To Participate in Our Courtesy Re-homing Service, Owners Agree to the Following:

Because neither the pets featured in the Courtesy Re-homing Service nor potential adopters are screened by the Kentucky Humane Society, because the Owner is responsible for the accuracy of all representations, and because the Owner and any adopting person will interact directly without any involvement of the Kentucky Humane Society, you must agree to the following legal terms:

1. Disclaimer. The Kentucky Humane Society disclaims any liability of any sort arising out of the re-homing of any pet. Specifically, but without limitation, the Kentucky Humane Society is not responsible for the temperament of any pet, the health of any pet, the suitability of any pet for adoption in general or for adoption by a particular person, the suitability of any person who may wish to adopt a pet, the availability of any pet listed through this service, or the accuracy of any representations made by the Owner. The Kentucky Humane Society disclaims all warranties, express or implied (including without limitation any implied warranty of fitness, fitness for a particular purpose and/or merchantability) concerning the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information concerning any animal or the suitability for any particular circumstance.

2. Waiver & Release. Owner agrees to waive and release all claims, costs, causes of action and demands of any nature, including negligence claims, whether known or unknown, in any way arising out of or in connection with participation in the re-homing service.

3. Indemnity & Hold Harmless. Owner also agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the Kentucky Humane Society harmless from any and all liability for damages (whether compensatory or punitive) and from any liability, legal or equitable claims, suits or expenses (including attorney’s fees and costs), that may be asserted by any person who Customer interacts with arising out of or related to the re-homing listing service. Owner agrees, at his or her own expense, to defend and indemnify the Kentucky Humane Society against any and all such claims even if they are groundless, false or fraudulent, and that the Kentucky Humane Society shall be exclusively entitled to retain defense counsel and make all decisions related to any such litigation or claim as to its own interests.

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