Is Re-Homing the Right Option?

If you are experiencing hardships or your pet has behavior issues that are making it difficult to keep him, the Kentucky Humane Society has many resources to help you keep your pet:

Dog Training Classes: If your dog won’t stop jumping on guests, doesn’t know basic manners or runs away whenever he is off-leash, a dog training class may help teach your pet to make the right choices and keep him in your home. KHS offers hour-long group behavior classes most nights of the week and in locations throughout Louisville. Class prices range from $60 to $150, depending on the class, and most are six weeks long. Visit our website at kyhumane.org/behavior-training to see what is available or call 502-253-2883 to discuss the best fit for your pet.

Financial and Pet Friendly Housing Difficulties: Unforeseen financial difficulties can happen to anyone at any time. Your pet can be a source of great comfort when financial difficulties happen, but if the cost of caring for your cat or dog has become difficult, we have some resources that can help. From pet food banks, lower cost veterinary info, affordable spay/neuter clinics, low-cost vaccines or housing referrals that will allow you to take your pet, we have options to help you stretch your pet care budget until you can get back on your feet. We also have resources for those who are struggling to find apartments or rental properties that are pet friendly. Please give our free Pet Help Line a call at 502-509-4PET to talk more about this resources or visit kyhumane.org/help.

Simple Behavior Issues: If your pet is having just one issue, or you don’t feel a group class would be appropriate or safe for him, we have resources available to help you work through it. Please visit our Other Resources Page to view a library of cat and dog behavior issues. You can also call our free Pet Help Line at 502-509-4PET and discuss the issue with a pet trainer or receive a referral to local private trainers. Or visit kyhumane.org/help.

How to Rehome Your Pet

If you think that re-homing your pet is the best option for you and your animal, please contact one of our Pet Help Line specialists to learn how we can help at 502-509-4738 or email [email protected].

In addition, you can get started creating an online profile for your pet at AdoptaPet.com’s Rehoming site.

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