Take Your Dog to Work Day Is June 24

Kentucky Humane Society Has Tips to Ensure the Day is Safe and Fun for Everyone

dog at workMany local businesses will be participating in “Take Your Dog to Work Day” on Friday, June 24. This day is an opportunity to celebrate the human-animal bond and dogs’ special abilities to reduce stress in the workplace and increase job satisfaction.

To help ensure the day is safe and fun for everyone, the Kentucky Humane Society offers tips to create a successful Take Your Dog to Work Day.
Check to see if Fido is welcome. Ask your manager or human resources department if your office can participate, and also check with your co-workers; if your colleagues are allergic, afraid of dogs or opposed to the disruption, be respectful of their wishes.

Make sure your dog is ready for work. Be sure your dog’s vaccinations are current and that your dog is bathed and groomed. If your dog is too excited to meet new people or be in new places, or if he doesn’t get along with other dogs or people, leave him at home.

Dog-proof your office space. Hide electrical cords and wires, remove toxic items such as permanent markers and house plants. Bring a clean dog bed, blanket or crate for your dog. If you have a door, consider bringing a baby gate.

Walk your dog before work and plan for potty breaks. No one wants a dog to have an accident in the office.

Pack a “briefcase” for your dog. Bring a water dish, healthy treats and squeak-free chew toys. Pack cleaning supplies just in case—despite your best efforts—your pet has an accident.

Keep your dog secure in your office or on a leash at all times. Keep an eye on your dog, particularly when he sees other dogs or meets your co-workers. Don’t force your co-workers to interact with your dog. While your dog may be welcome, not everyone is a “dog person.” Respect your co-workers viewpoints.

Have an exit strategy. If your dog misbehaves or becomes a problem in any way, be prepared to take him home. You don’t want to alienate your co-workers or ruin this day for others.

Encourage your office to help shelter animals. Plan a wish-list drive for needed items or take up a cash collection to help local homeless pets.

For any pet-related questions, contact the Kentucky Humane Society’s free Pet Help Line, 502-509-4PET. The Pet Help Line is designed to help keep pets in their homes and out of shelters by providing free behavioral advice and referrals to local pet resources. It is funded by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and Banfield Foundation.