A Happy Pappy Von Wrinkle Update

As our Holiday Give Hope campaign comes to a close, we want to give you an update on Pappy von Wrinkle, our campaign’s featured pet. Thanks to your support, KHS was here for this elderly Chihuahua last July after he was found by the side of the road, emaciated and suffering from untreated Diabetes and an enlarged heart. We are so grateful that we could give Pappy the care he needed. This little old man had been through so much, we wanted him to have nothing but love for the remainder of his life.

In August, we enrolled Pappy in our Fospice Program to live out his days under the care of his foster mom and KHS veterinarian, Dr. Siegwald. Animals in our Fospice Program (short for foster-hospice) have limited lifespans due to age or terminal illness, but enjoy a good quality of life. KHS pays for their medical care and monitors their health for the remainder of their lives. Pappy is one of nearly a dozen animals in our Fospice Program and your donations support their end-of-life care. Please donate today in honor of this amazing program that helps our oldest and sickest animals.

Today Pappy is happy and comfortable in his Fospice home. He has gained so much healthy weight that he outgrew his harness. Though he’s completely blind from cataracts, he finds his way around easily and sniffs out his crate when he wants to snuggle in for a nap. He loves food, butt scratches and cuddling, and his little nubby tail wags with happiness when he gets attention. We’re so happy that Pappy will never be abandoned or want for anything again and can live out his days in peace and comfort. Thank you.

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