TRIPLE MATCH Announced to Help Animals like Cammy, Chester and Cullen

Earlier this week, three two-month-old kittens came to KHS needing immediate care for severe eye injuries. Cammy, Chester and Cullen, as we’ve named them, each had one swollen eye seeping with infection, leaving them disoriented and in pain. The siblings were also suffering from upper respiratory infections, adding to their discomfort. Our veterinary team provided Cammy, Chester and Cullen with medication to ease their pain and fight off infection, and they are closely monitoring each kitten’s progress. They may require eye removal surgery in the future, but our hope is that supportive care will allow them the time they need to heal without surgery.

It is because of gracious donors like you that we are able to provide care and do everything we can to help animals like Cammy, Chester and Cullen. Beginning today and ending midnight on December 31, all donations are TRIPLE MATCHED thanks to a generous $35,000 lifesaving investment from our friends at Petco Love. That means every gift made to our Give Hope campaign during this time will support THREE TIMES as many cats, dogs and horses who come to our doors seeking Tender Loving Care.

As we come to the end of another lifesaving year, your gift has never mattered more. We ask you to join us in giving hope to Kentucky’s injured and abandoned animals, so we can provide the kindness and love they deserve. If you have been lucky enough to adopt one of these animals, you know they repay you with a lifetime of unconditional love.

Please consider making a gift today to help us continue changing lives for even more animals this holiday season and into the new year. We are so grateful for your support.

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